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To study Landscape Design or not?

To study Landscape Design or not?

by 3 years ago


My name is Adam Byrne and I am from Sydney Australia. I am about to finish my Landscape construction course and I am trying to decide whether I should do another 2 years studying Landscape Design? Not sure if I have a good plant knowledge plus do online courses like the Piet Oudolf Design 4 week course would that be enough to get met started in the world of Landscape Design? I am a qualified Graphic Designer so I do get design concepts. Advice would be great!

Please and thank you!


3 years ago
Hi Adam, I'm also a qualified landscape designer. I would suggest that as you already have landscape construction, that if you were to top up with Piet Oudolf's course you would be in really good shape in the world of Landscape Design. He's generally recognised as the world's greatest planting designer of the moment. One thing I have realised is that you never stop learning though. So you can always top up your knowledge whilst working - especially if you get the chance to work with and learn from other top designers. And do top up with more courses. If you have the basic design principals, construction knowledge, and planting design from Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury you should be in good shape and be able to tell your clients you've learnt from the best in the world. Finally - each MyGardenSchool course gives you 2 continued learning credits from the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD)
3 years ago
Thank you Elspeth...I am excited to do 2 courses on here now. Adam
3 years ago
That's great Adam. We look forward to welcoming you aboard the MyGardenSchool ship! And please do post feedback - we love to hear it all.
2 years ago
Hi Elspeth! Just a couple more questions! So I definitely want to study with MyGardenSchool but I want ask your advise. As I mentioned in previous posts I am qualified in Landscape Construction and Graphic design but my main goal is to become an accomplished Landscape Designer but before this happens I will need to build a portfolio with at least 2 designs. What do you recommend? I was thinking of doing the Hand Rendering, Professional Planting and Intro to Design. Is that what you would recommend? Is the intro to design in depth or for beginners? Could I do 2 major designs for the course? Sorry about the million questions but I am really indecisive as this is my career! Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. Adam
2 years ago
Hi Adam, you have chosen the courses I would recommend. I would also consider Annie Guilfoyle's course (as she was head of garden design at KLC college for 15 years and is a very established lecturer for professional landscape designers, and I would also recommend studying with Piet and Noel - simply because Piet Oudolf is probably the world's most acclaimed planting designer of the moment. If you write to me, and choose to do buy 3 courses or more at once (you can complete them at any time), we usually do discounts for career changes, or people starting out in the industry. Write to me on elspeth@learningwithexperts.com and I'd be happy to give you a good deal for a group booking. Kind regards Elspeth (CEO, learningwithexperts.com)

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