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tropaelum speciosum


tropaelum speciosum

by 3 years ago

I have grown a tropaeolum speciosum or scottish flame flower from seed. I had just one seed germinate about 18 months ago. It is just ticking over, a few inches high, but it doesn't seem to want to develop. I have repotted it but to little effect. Any ideas, please? 

3 years ago
maybe add some garden soil, there may be a mycorrhizal thing going on.
3 years ago
This is a plant which goes and grows where it wants. Most people who buy it as a plant say it dies. I have it growing in profusion in my garden but I am not too sure where it came from. I live on a highland Scottish hillside and it does appear in land nearby. I let people air cuttings or seed and they rarely get results. It likes growing through shrubs and trees that is my only answer

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