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Weed or not to weed?


Weed or not to weed?

by 3 years ago

Can anyone advise if this plant is friend or foe? 

3 years ago
Hi Jan - It's a ground cover plant Pachysandra terminalis 'Green Carpet' - "what's a weed ?" - just a plant in the wrong place , keep unless you don' t like it - but it suppresses weeds : )
3 years ago
It's a very good plant for very shady, dry positions and has white flowers.
3 years ago
I would rip it all out. To me it is absolutely a weed. If you have other options for a shady spot, go for it!
3 years ago
A reliable groundcover if you don't want anything else there, ever and forever. That being said, I will never ever specify or plant it, and encourage its removal!

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