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Weedkiller and dogs


Weedkiller and dogs

by 4 years ago

I would love to keep bees have a fairly large garden 

had a neighbour for eight years using weed killer and on one occasion shrub of mine it was spring and in flower plus two other times and in the front boarders between us had beautiful old hedging he destroyed all that ... he sold the other day now have a little old lady.... will this affect the bees for years to come 

Also I have two dogs one elderly retriever and an eight year old Labrador would they be ok

4 years ago
Hi Serena I don't know much about bee keeping but previously applied herbicides on a neighbouring plot should not have any impact on bees if you keep them now. Of course we don't know what he was using but even if it was a residual weedkiller it should not have an impact. As far as the dogs are concerned - same applies re weedkiller or do you mean will they cope with the bees? You might take a look at the Natural Beekeeping course - I'm sure that would help you
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4 years ago
Hi Serena Sorry to hear about the chemical use in your neighbourhood. I am really against anything that is of detriment to the environment. From my previous experience I think you need to consider factors such as the lay of the land and soil type. My garden is on an incline with heavy clay soil. I have neighbours to the rear and to one side who both use chemicals. The garden at the rear who have used chemicals are considerably higher therefore the run off has caused issues. There has been no effect from the neighbour who is on same level to the side. I am keen to learn how much different soil types retain substances. It would be fantastic if MyGardenSchool could devise a course that breaks down the basics of horticulture beyond the aesthetics of the garden/food production etc. I struggle with the biology side so a course on soil, basic plant biology, fungus etc. would be a real asset. Good luck Serena.

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