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Why is my red robin suffering?


Why is my red robin suffering?

by 5 months ago

I have some mature red robin shrubs at the front of my house.  They must be at least 10 years old and were in really poor health when I moved in 5 years ago.  I have removed lots of branches and they has been lots of regrowrh and they look reasonable compared to my neighbours olants which are mostly yellow leaves and very sick looking.  I do water and feed them (miracle grow) ana whilst they grow they still do not look really healthy and the leaves often grow in odd shapes.  Any ideas? 

5 months ago
Red Robin or also known as Red Tipped Photinia, usually requires very little water and no fertilizer after it is established. I certainly would avoid using one high in nitrogen such as Miracle Grow. The Red Robin is susceptible to fungus both on the leaves and in the roots. The curling of the leaves can be a telltale sign of root fungus, if so, probably from over watering. It can also be a leaf fungus. Take a spade and dig around the roots a bit, if you see white attached to the roots you have a fungus. Consult a professional as it probably has infected other plants/trees. If not it is on the leaves and a copper based fungicide used according to directions will help with the leaf curl. Remember to keep the area under the shrubs relatively clean of fallen leaves while you eradicate the fungus, otherwise the fungus on the fallen leaves will just re-infect the plant. It could be a good time to do a hard cut back on the shrub, therefore removing many of the infected leaves. Just remember to sterilize your tools afterwards. Good luck.
5 months ago
Gretchen thank you for your detailed answer a friend has asked me about a mature one growing in her front garden. It started to appear to be dieing back, so she watered to loads before the heat we have just had. Obviously the worst thing to do. I will advise her and help to try and put things right.
4 months ago
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3 months ago
Hello! I also grow robins at home. However, I have not encountered such problems before. Perhaps you need to read some gardening guides for example here ? This might help you.

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