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Wild Garden


Wild Garden

by 3 years ago

My garden has been neglected to say the least and now it's wild brambles giant weeds wild flowers.etc. how far down do I need to dig to get untainted soil?

3 years ago
Not sure what you mean by "untainted", but with brambles at least you'll need to not only get rid of all the top growth, but also dig out the roots, which can go quite deep.
3 years ago
Brambles you'll have to dig out - the roots are normally shallow - but they can regenerate from fragments. Weeds/Wild flowers - you'll ever have to hand weed or spray with weed killer (protecting other nearby plants from the spray). That said if you have bare soil and they have already seeded be prepared for more weeds/wild flowers next spring. Weeding is a constant battle - but if you weed and mulch regularly (which I guess where most people fall down) then over time - it will get easier. Sorry there is no "Instant do-once & last years solution"

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