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Course Description

This Trees online course is your essential guide to choosing, planting and using trees in your garden.

Andy McIndoe teaches you how to include trees in your garden design, and why you should plant trees.

Andy's years of experience will guide you through every aspect of gardening with trees from how to choose the right tree to planting trees and maintaining trees throughout the seasons.

You'll look at why you should plant trees and what a tree can do for you as part of your garden. 

You'll also learn about the effect trees have on the space, proportions and atmosphere of your garden. And how to use trees for shade, privacy and screening.

Gardeners are often afraid of trees: their size and power over the garden environment, and their potential effect on the house and other nearby buildings. What you should know, and where to plant a tree.

By the end of this course you'll have learnt:

  • how to choose the right tree for your garden
    • how to choose trees for any location
    • trees for colour
    • trees that work in different seasons
    • how to plant with trees
    • how to plan a planting scheme with trees

    This course is suitable for gardeners and garden designers with any level of experience.

    Course outline

    • Trees for all gardens: introduction

      Why plant trees? The role of trees in the landscape and the visual impact of trees in different seasons. The environmental impact of trees and their role in attracting wildlife into your garden. Trees for screening, trees for shelter and trees for shade. Why we are afraid of trees in gardens. What are the risks and the relationship between a tree and a building.

    • Trees for Small Gardens

      Choosing the right tree for a specific situation focusing on the small garden. The best choices for country gardens and for town gardens including trees for pots. Choosing trees for more than one season of interest: for fruit and flowers, bark and foliage colour.

    • Planting trees and productive trees

      Buying a tree; how, when and what to look for. Planting a tree: giving it the best possible start in life – the importance of staking and aftercare. Fruiting trees as an alternative to or in addition to ornamentals: including apples, lemons, olives and figs.

    • Designing with trees

      Trees as part of a planting scheme; how a tree can lead a planting scheme through the colour of its foliage. What to plant with foliage trees to create a planting picture. Climbers to grow through trees. Planting trees for future generations.

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      Practice what you learn with inspiring assignments
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      Collaborate and chat directly to classmates

    Meet Andy McIndoe

    Andy McIndoe - Gardening

    We are absolutely delighted that Andy McIndoe has won a record breaking 70th consecutive Gold at The Chelsea Flower Show for Hilliers. It’s a fantastic achievement!

    Franky Kentish, The Telegraph
    Andy McIndoe is our Chief Blogger, and teaches five courses on the site. Andy has over thirty years experience as a practical horticulturist and consultant. He has designed and advised on gardens of all sizes and was responsible for the Hillier Gold Medal winning exhibit at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower for 25 years.
    A regular contributor to magazines, newspapers and BBC Radio, Andy lectures widely at home and abroad. Special interests include hardy shrubs, trees, herbaceous perennials, flower bulbs, wildlife and garden design; he has authored books on all of these subjects.
    A keen gardener Andy and his wife Ros have a two acre garden in Hampshire, U.K. that is open to groups by appointment. Started from scratch fifteen years ago, the garden is naturalistic in style, with an extensive wildflower meadow and informal planting. The emphasis is on foliage to provide colour and texture.

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