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Hand Rendering for Designers

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Course Description

Suitable for Designers from All Disciplines and Amateurs

Many clients are still wowed by hand drawn drawings or those that are made to look hand drawn. Hand rendering can soften drawings and even make computer generated images look more personal.

The course is essential learning for those who are interested in taking up a career in garden design. You will gain the vital skills needed for drawing up garden designs, and will learn the basic requirements for using the necessary equipment.

Materials needed

-A3 pad of 70gm bleed proof graphic paper

-A set of graphic marker pens (recommended are Chartpak or Pantone)

-Water colouring pencils set of 36 plus extra greys, browns, greens, and violet/purple colours

-Fine Pilot style pen(s)

-Quality rubber/eraser

-Access to a scanner or digital printer

Course outline

  • Experimentation

    In this lesson you will be encouraged to experiment with colour to create depth. Jo will demonstrate how you can use your pens/pencils to create a range of colours, different shading techniques and how you can use your rubber/eraser as a drawing tool.

  • Introduction to basic drafting (pencil technique and shading)

    An introduction to basic drafting, with advice on your pencil technique and shading. You will learn how to create characterful drawings through lines, and to create a sense of perspective within your drawings. Jo will demonstrate how to draw basic shapes, 3D shapes and how tonal shading can be used to create light/shadows. Lastly, she will show you how to draw different plants.

  • Plant rendering techniques (Marker pens and watercolour pencils)

    Using marker pens and watercolour pencils you will learn how to create realistic drawings of groups of plants, creating a sense of range and depth within your design.

  • Planning and rendering a landscape plan

    Finally, using the skills you have learned Jo will show how you can create a detailed landscape plan.

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    • Online classroom with up to 20 classmates
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    Start anytime and join a class of no more than 20 students
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    Practice what you learn with assignments after each lesson
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    Exclusive assignment feedback from Expert Tutors
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    Share ideas with classmates from around the world

Meet Jo Chance

Jo Chance - Gardening
Jo Chance is an Oxford based fine artist who has taught garden designers to draw for many years!
She can help you do those beautiful plans and sketches that are good enough to frame. Jo's work does not easily fit into definable categories, as her interests cover a wide range of subjects: atmospheric cityscapes, figurative work, abstracted landscapes….. She is currently exploring a series of gently unsettling faces which explore themes of how it feels physically and emotionally to be a female both now and in the past. Working mainly in oils, but also fusing different media, she creates images which resonates with a quietly contemplative spirituality.

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