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Hand Rendering for DesignersTaught by Jo Chance

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The best way to translate what's in your imagination is through amazing and original hand drawings

  • Course suitable for pro and aspiring garden designers

  • Pencil techniques and shading for designer plans

  • Plant shading for pro artist's look

  • Planning & rendering a design plan


Suitable for Designers from All Disciplines and Amateurs

Many clients are still wowed by hand drawn drawings or those that are made to look hand drawn. Hand rendering can soften drawings and even make computer  generated images look more personal.

‘Painting is Jo’s passion’. An Art Foundation course and a First Class degree in Fine art at Brighton college of Art allowed her to start developing her creative ideas early on.

During the mid 80's and early 90's she worked in New York, Madrid and London designing for both the fashion and furnishing industries. This global design experience enabled her to establish a successful freelance design studio in London.

Having worked in the commercial world for a number of years Jo’s interest in the arts turned increasingly back to painting, to the point where she now devotes all her time to creating contemporary images.

The exploration and manipulation of a wide range of media is an integral part of the development of Jo’s work – ‘there are times when the creative process resembles alchemy more than art’. Her love of colour continues to be another recurrent theme, the palette often being limited to evoke an intensity of mood. Jo’s abstracted landscapes and figurative paintings hang in a number of prestigious hotels and spas around the world. She is a successful exhibitor during, the renowned Oxford Art Weeks, shows her work in a range of galleries across the country and has a growing group of loyal collectors. She has been invited on many occasions to give presentations and demonstrations of her work.

Remember, if you're a self-employed professional you can set these courses off against tax as 'Continued Professional Development'.

The Curriculum

  • 1. Introduction to Basic Drafting (Pencil technique and shading)

  • 2. Plant Rendering Techniques (Marker pens and watercolour pencils)

  • 3. Planning and Rendering a landscape plan

  • 4. Introduction to Rendering with Marker pens

    Materials and requirements: Graphic Marker pens A range of colouring pencils Access to a scanner or digital printer This course advocates Graphic Markers as the most appropriate and effective rendering medium. Chartpak is is the brand I use as I find the colours good for plant rendering. (if you find that these are not available locally you can order online, they cost approximately $6 or £4 each. If you already have a set of Graphic Marker pens use those and or assess the colours as you progress through the course (if this seems too big an investment) The colours are as follows: Chartpak Colours GROUP COLOUR COLOUR NUMBER Those with a * = basic set of nine colours Basic Grey Basic Grey 1 P 226 Basic Grey 3 P 228 Basic Grey 4 P 229 Warm Grey Warm Grey 1 P 191 Warm Grey 3 P 193 Warm Grey 6 P196 Cool Grey Cool Grey 1 P 181 Cool grey 3 P 183 Cool Grey 6 P 186 Greens/Blue Willow P 120 Grass Green P 122 Evergreen P 20 Slate Green P 18 Celery P 126 Prussian Blue P 6 Blues/Purples Violet P 94 Indigo P179 Light Violet P 215

Meet your expert tutor

Jo Chance is an Oxford based fine artist who has taught garden designers to draw for many years! She can help you do those beautiful plans and sketches that are good enough to frame. Jo's work does...read more

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