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Course Description

Michael Marriott, one of the world's leading rose experts (and previously Head Rosarian at David Austin Roses for 35 years) teaches you how to plan and nurture your rose garden.

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Michael will teach you how to choose the right rose for your situation, and advise on everything from pruning roses, to fragrance and colour combinations.

Whether you live in the cold climates of Hokkaido or Canada, the heat of Florida or India or simply in Hampshire – Michael will help you find the perfect rose to suit your climate.

The rose is exceptional in the plant world. It is easy to argue that it is the most garden worthy of all plants and can be grown in most climates around the world.

There is no other plant that has such a close cultural association with us and is used as a symbol in many different ways.

Roses vary in size from tiny little plants a few centimetres tall to huge ramblers growing tens of metres into trees. Their flowers can be just a few millimetres across or 20cm or more and the number of petals range from five (occasionally four) to 200.

There is no other plant with such a wide range of completely different fragrances and few with such a geographical range.

Wherever you are in the world, Michael will help you plan and nurture a beautiful rose garden.

Course outline

  • The wonderful world of roses

    Michael delves into the world of roses, giving us a tour of his garden while discussing the different groups, their cultural history and main characteristics.

    He will discuss how each species differs, and how you can find suitable varieties that will thrive in your environment for as long as possible.

    He will also discuss the disease resistance of each, groups that he avoids, which perennials to plant alongside, which you should prune and which you should spray.

  • How to use roses in the garden

    Michael will demonstrate the versatility of roses, drawing attention to the many ways that roses can be planted in the garden.

    You will learn how you can grow roses in different spaces, including informal borders, mixed borders, formal rose gardens, wild areas, pots, walls, arches, trees and hedges

  • Looking after roses and rose plants

    You will learn how to care for your roses, from which variety to choose right through to how you should prune them.

    This includes soil preparation, planting technique, aftercare, deadheading and disease prevention.

  • Rose fragrances, rose breeding and commercial rose production

    Lastly, you will be given an insight into the inner workings of David Austin Roses, learning which commercial production methods have proved successful.

    You will also learn how to breed new varieties of rose, and discover the vast number of fragrant roses available to you.

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Meet Michael Marriott

Michael Marriott - Gardening

My first port of call for a Roses expert, is always Michael Marriott, the chief rosarian at David Austin Roses. He’s worked at the David Austin headquarters for 32 years.

Val Bourne, The Telegraph
I worked at David Austin Roses for 35 years as head Rosarian. During this time I became one of the world's leading authorities on roses and designed many private and public rose gardens around the world. I grow many roses in my own garden, which I run on organic principles and have never sprayed. I select only those varieties that combine both health and beauty and I grow them alongside other plants to help prevent the spread of pests and diseases. I'm a great believer in common sense gardening and when it comes to pruning, I'm keen to go back to basic principles so that students can easily apply their knowledge to any rose they encounter. I'm a passionate believer that the rose is the most garden worthy of all plants. What other plant can potentially have a beautiful individual flower, a wonderful fragrance, flower for several months of the year and be easy to look after? In addition the rose is used as a symbol in many different aspects of our culture from religion to the legal system.

I wanted to teach and share my knowledge through Learning with Experts to help share my passion for roses globally. I'm also keen to hear from you, wherever you are in the world. I look forward to seeing you in class.

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