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Perennial Management, The Piet Oudolf WayTaught by Piet Oudolf & Noel Kingsbury

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The idea is not to copy nature, but to give a feeling of nature, Piet Oudolf

  • Suitable for enthusiasts and landscape designers

  • How to manage perennials throughout the year (High Line examples)

  • How to evolve perennials, adapting to changes

  • Managing plants in harsh environments


This course reveals Piet Oudolf’s revolutionary plantings of The High Line, New York City’s famous landscaped railway line that cuts through the centre of the city. Throughout the course, you will experience unique top down drone footage of The High Line and The Battery Park, so you can see a bird’s eye view of the plantings and their context. During the videos, you will walk along The High Line discussing and observing the plants, with Piet Oudolf himself who designed the planting, and Dr

Noel Kingsbury his long term co-writer. As part of the course, we also hear from Andi Pettis, the acclaimed Director of Horticulture for The High Line who reveals fascinating insights on how they continue to maintain and manage the planting as the site evolves. This is the first course of its kind in the world.

Once the context is set, for understanding the evolution and maintenance of perennial plantings in harsh city environments, Dr Noel Kingsbury takes you through a practical approach of how to plant and maintain this type of landscape design. The second part of the course features the New York Battery Park designed by Oudolf as an earlier work, with Dr Noel Kingsbury Gabriela Marin (Chief Horticulturalist), Director of Horticulture for The Battery.

Finally you will learn the real ‘how tos’ of achieving the types of designs that Piet Oudolf has successfully pioneered in sites like The High Line and The Battery. Dr Noel Kingsbury talks to Helen Picton from Old Court Nurseries near Malvern in the UK, to teach you the practical material relevant to lessons 2) and 3).

As an important part of this unique course, we were privileged to work with both Piet, Noel and the team run so successfully by Andi Pettis at The High Line. To this day, The High Line is able to sustain its beautiful plants, with a team of gardeners, and the entire project is funded by donations. Please join this amazing movement by donating to The High Line to keep this pioneering project alive and to help us spread the word globally.

The Curriculum

  • 1. The life of perennial plantings

    How plantings change over time because of plant growth, death and regeneration. Outline of outside factors such as the environment, pests and diseases, shrub and tree growth.

  • 2. Perennial management through the year

    The annual cycle of maintenance needed to keep plants in good condition and improve performance.

  • 3. The evolution of perennial plantings

    How the processes of change outlined in 1) can be managed so that plantings continue to look good but can also be modified or changed as conditions change.

  • 4. Managing plant stress

    An outline of how environmental and other factors such as pests and diseases which stress plants can be managed.

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"Structure is the most important component in a successful planting; colour is important too but it is a secondary consideration" I looked at landscape gardening as a career alternative to my family...read more

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