Tom Cole

RHS Level 2: Plant Health

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Course Description

RHS Level 2: Plant Health course covers the factors that impact plant health such as environment, nutrition, pests, climate change and biosecurity.

This course is the new syllabus and will be available to start subject to RHS accreditation in September 2022. Some lessons and tutors may change slightly depending on the course and filming structure.

You’ll learn about abiotic factors and how these affect plant growth.

We’ll look at pests, diseases and pathogens and strategies you can use to prevent or reduce problems.

You’ll learn how plant nutrition can affect the plant and its characteristics and how to spot nutrient deficiency.

The course includes RHS student registration fee and exam fees (based on in-person exams). You'll learn the syllabus for the RHS Level 2 exams and RHS Level 2 qualification. Exams are run separately by the RHS.

Course outline

  • Environmental conditions

    You’ll learn about environmental and abiotic conditions including temperature and water that affect plant health and the impact of changing climate conditions.

  • Plant nutrition and plant health

    In this lesson we’ll look at nutrients for plant health and symptoms of nutrient deficiencies. You’ll learn how this impacts plant characteristics such as vegetative or flowering growth.

  • Impact of competition on plant health

    This lesson covers the role of weeds, weed biology and weed control in horticulture. We’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of weeds along with the methods of control.

  • Pests and pathogens

    In this lesson we’ll look at how pests and pathogens are introduced, how they impact plant health and how horticulturalists can control infestations.

  • Biosecurity and plant passports

    We’ll look at the current legislation and practices for biosecurity and how the principles of biosecurity can be used for plant survival.

  • Maintaining plant health

    You’ll learn how to promote the health of plants and understand why healthy plants are more resilient from pests and pathogens.

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Meet Tom Cole

Tom Cole - Gardening
Tom has been involved in land-based education since 1991. He was a lecturer at Capel Manor College, which culminated in becoming Head of Horticulture in 1997-2009. This role involved overseeing and leading a team based at 5 sites covering the London area. During 2009, Tom moved to Writtle University College as a Curriculum Manager, overseeing Further Education covering Agriculture, Countryside and Horticulture. During 2010 he became the Head of Faculty.

More recently, Tom has spent much time delivering RHS qualifications at Capel Manor College. He is an RHS Associate and speaker, qualification writer for Pearson/ BTEC and marks RHS Level 2 exams. Tom is also currently expanding a small, but perfectly formed soft landscape and maintenance business. Aside from teaching, he regularly broadcasts on BBC Radio Essex with Ken Crowther and contributes to various garden magazines.

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