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RHS: Plant Propagation (4)Taught by Dr Noel Kingsbury

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  • Sowing seeds

  • Vegetative Propagation

  • Seed collection and storage

  • Ideal growing conditions


In this module candidates will come to terms with the main practices of propagation in horticulture. Distinctions will be made between sexual and non-sexual methods of reproduction, and candidates will become familiar with vegetative propagation - including its advantages and its disadvantages. The module will also inform candidates of the ideal conditions for sowing, both in containers and in open ground.

The Curriculum

  • 1. Understanding Propagation

    This lesson will examine the distinctions between sexual and non-sexual reproduction. You will focus on growing from seed. This will include the advantages and disadvantages of growing from seed, as well as the correct methods for seed collection and storage.

  • 2. Sowing Seeds in Containers

    In this lesson that focuses predominantly on sowing in containers (although you will also look at various methods for sowing in open ground) you will learn about the most successful approaches to container sowing. This includes: the correct growing media; sowing density; and the possible varied growing conditions (e.g. light and heat).

  • 3. Vegetative Propagation

    This final lesson will teach you all about the advantages and disadvantages of vegetative propagation. You will also study the natural and artificial methods of vegetative propagation, including an in-depth study of the process of growing from cuttings.

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