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The New Contemporary Garden

Taught by Jamie Butterworth

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Course Description

How to make practical and stylish use of contemporary spaces.

"I distinctly remember at about 9 sowing my first packet of seeds. It was only cornflowers. But the excitement I felt when I saw them grow and flower… I couldn’t get over the fact that something that beautiful had come from a packet of seeds that cost 20p from Asda. That, to me, was amazing. And it still is."

There have been too many stereotypes about gardens and gardeners. A windowsill can be a garden. You don’t need a 200ft garden. However you look at it, if you’re planting something outside your window, that is gardening. We can complicate gardening too much – young people are simplifying it, and stripping it back.

This course is for the contemporary gardener. You can be anywhere in the world, and no space is too small. I will take you through some of the latest trends and ideas to make your space both practical and contemporary looking. We cover both inside and outside. We’ll talk about how to maintain it, as well as how to plant for food and beauty. This course is peppered with real examples of turning small spaces into contemporary green areas to love, nurture and to show off to your friends.

Course outline

  • Choosing and Growing Houseplants

    In this lesson we look a the mundane through to the weird wonderful and quirky. What you can do with different spaces, from a sink to a balcony. A roof terrace to a small plot. We also cover the fascinating world of indoor plants – which are making a timely comeback into fashion. I’ll take you through ideas of how you convert spaces indoor and out into growing areas. This is rooted in solid design principles, but with a no baggage approach to giving you the very latest look.
  • Creative Ideas for Gardening Inside

    Here we look at how to plan properly. The alchemy of turning your ingredients into a space you love and can benefit from. What do you need to do in what sequence, hard materials, measuring, soil, water.
  • Creative Ideas for Balcony Gardening

    Now we look at planting. Wherever you are in the world, there are varieties of plants that will grow in almost any situation. You can also grow food in the most unusual and smallest of spaces. And in most aspects. We will look at examples of tasty and beautiful small space conversions to give you ideas. I’ll also personally give you my plant variety recommendations
  • Aftercare for Your Plants

    Finally we look at sustainability and maintenance. It’s important that we design and plant something that you can look after and enjoy without it becoming a chore.

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How it works

About Jamie Butterworth

I've been a passionate gardener since I was a child and created my first vegetable garden in my grandparents’ garden aged 12. During my early teens I knew I wanted to work in horticulture, and became a finalist in BBC3’s Young Gardener of the Year aged 16. I went on to get RHS Garden Wisley's Diploma in Practical Horticulture with Distinction in 2015.

I co-founded 'YoungHort' in 2013 to inspire more young people that horticulture is an important and rewarding career. I'm also an RHS Ambassador. I have big ambitions and want to work on a global scale to help the horticulture industries continue to evolve and innovate.

An avid plantsman, for the past two years I worked as Show Plant Manager at Hortus Loci wholesale nursery, liaising with top designers and landscape architects while growing plants for all the major RHS shows. My latest role starting in 2017, is as the horticultural consultant for London Stone, leading natural stone specialists, where I will be on-hand to offer horticultural advice to landscapers and emerging designers. Continuing to promote horticulture, working closely with secondary schools college students.

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