Garden & Flower Photography Competitions

Monthly Garden Photography Competition

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Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR. To enter the competition you must have registered with the  MyGardenSchool (MGS) website. The Online Garden Photo Competition is open to all members of the MyGardenSchool community without any geographic limitations. AWARDS:There will be a prize for the first place winner for each of the 4 categories.
  • Garden and Flower Photography
  • People in the Garden
  • Wildlife and Pets in the Garden
  • The Edible Garden
The winning entry to each category will receive a £25 (MGS) coupon code and be entered into the People’s Choice Award for the best photo of the year and a chance to win a DSLR camera at the end of the year.  Awards will include the following; first place, second place, third place, fourth place and fifth place and five honourable mention awards selected from all of the entries. Depending on the amount and the quality of the entries there may also be Special Recognition awards posted as well. There is no limit to the number of images that a photographer can submit provided they only enter one photo per day. 1.The winning selections will be exhibited and featured on the (MGS) Homepage for a one month period of time and then archived. 2. (MGS) will further promote the results by placing press releases to more than 70+ online Press Release sites to announce the winners of each month’s competition. Each press release will detail that month’s exhibition and advertise the artist’s professional art websites.  Copyright belongs to the photographer but (MGS) reserves the right to use awarded images to promote both the photographer and the MGS website. 3. (MGS) will also provide promotion to the photographer in the Honorable Mention and Special Recognition categories by having them listed in the archive of the online gallery exhibition.ELIGIBILITY:Each file may not exceed 1MB and must be in a jpeg format. No images from previous (MGS) Competitions are allowed to be entered again. SUBMISSION DEADLINE:See deadline for this month’s competition and theme. HOW TO ENTER:1. Click on this link to enter. SUBMIT HERE2. Upload your images in the form provided above and make sure that each step is followed closely. IMAGE PREPARATION:Prepare your images as required before beginning the submission process. Submissions are only accepted via the online process. Submissions as email attachments, on CD, or prints are not allowed in this competition and will not be returned. Digital image files must meet the following specifications: JPEG files only with the largest dimension being 1000 pixels (width or height), with a resolution of 100, and JEPG compression quality of 12 (or the highest quality setting). The sizing and labelling of your images is very important. Please label your image files in the following manner; last name, catagory name, image/entry name.Here is an Example: Smith_1_Surfaces_Wave.jpg.Image name may not exceed 40 characters. Please note that image name is the name of the artwork, not the file name.

There will be more details of our competitions and how and when to upload your entries coming soon!

Awards & Accreditations

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