Gardening Courses Berkshire

If you're serious about a career in horticulture or agrictulture then you should definitely take a look at The Berkshire College of Agrictulture.  It's set in a beautiful 400 acre estate, and there are some excellent professional agricultural courses.   But if you can't travel or need flexible working there are other options for gardening courses in Berkshire. MyGardenSchool is a great fit if you need a flexible course, or don't want to communte - as MyGardenSchool is all online.   All lessons are taught through the virtual classroom, and yet you still get contact with the world's greatest horticultural teachers. Also not far,  a day out at Waterperry Gardens near Oxford is also a well thought of venue for understanding the history of gardening. Founded by Beatrix Havergal more than seventy years ago as a School of Horticulture for Ladies, the gardens at Waterperry are within easy driving distance of Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Good Gardens to Visit in Berkshire Ashdown House Basildon Park The Living Rainforest Waltham Place Go to explore MyGardenSchool Gardening Courses   By Elspeth Briscoe clip_image002              

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