Gardening Courses Derbyshire

One very interesting horticulture course located in Derbyshire historically has been The Organic Gardening for Health at Unstone Grange.   Gardening Courses at Unstone Grange have included The Theory of Organic Cultivation, and Practical Organic Gardening. Unfortuneatly these courses are no longer running.  But for those of you who are interested in Organic Growing and Sustainability, we are delighted to be able to help with a first class Organic Gardening Course at MyGardenSchool.   The MyGardenSchool Organic Gardening Course is run by Country Living Magazine Gardens Editor, Stephanie Donaldson.  It is a truly inspiring course for those of you who want to enjoy a deeper understanding of how to garden organically, and also get a handle on the history of organic gardening. We also have a whole host of other horticulture training ranging from beekeeping, to growing roses, understanding shrubs, to architectural rendering for professional garden designers. Gardens we recommend visiting in the Derbyshire area are located at the Burrows Farm House, Burrows Lane, Brailsford, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 3BU.           By Elspeth Briscoe clip_image002

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