Gardening Courses Dyfed; Horticulture Courses in South Wales

If you're looking for gardening courses in Dyfed, we have many courses of interest at MyGardenSchool ranging from organic gardening to more specialists fields in garden design, horticulture (eg planting design) and even beekeeping and henkeeping. At MyGardenSchool we have re-defined distance learning gardening courses, and we enable you to learn in the 'virtual classroom' environment. This means you can learn visually (via video lectures), and from the best horticulturalists in the world. We have found a very interesting gardening related organisation in the Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust - here are some interesting words from them about Permaculture. If permaculture or organic gardening is of particular interest for you I'd also recommend our organic gardening course from Stephanie Donaldson, Gardens Editor, Country Living Magazine. You will get personal advice from Stephanie throughout your course.   What is Permaculture? An Ecological way of Living Designed by Observing and Co-operating with nature Encouraging Creativity, Resourcefulness and more Self reliance Showing how “Sustainable Living” can work in practice Helping to find Solutions to many local & global problems Permaculture Ethics Earthcare – caring for the Earth’s Environment and natural resources Peoplecare – providing the basic needs of food, shelter, education, human contact and fulfilling work Fairshares – contributing to a more equitable world by limiting resource consumption and sharing surplus Permaculture Principles in Practice While their application depends on local conditions, the key principles are:
  • Use biological resources
  • Recycle energy and other resources
  • Design for energy efficiency
  • Think about which things go best together and where
  • Plan systems of diversity
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  • Make things multipurpose
  • Create Space for Wildlife
  • Create small scale ‘intensive’ systems
  • Be imaginative and creative by turning problems into solutions
  • Incorporate places where different habitats mseet

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