Gardening Courses Essex

You wouldn't perhaps immediately associate Essex with gardening, but how wrong you are.  Essex has great soil conditions and climate in many parts, making it a gardeners dream.  If you're looking for horticulture distance learning or gardening lectures, then MyGardenSchool could definitely be the place to study gardening for you. We also can't mention Essex and gardening in the same breath, without encouraging you to visit RHS Hyde Hall.  Here you will find to a 360-acre nature inspired garden and estate. Hyde Hall is in an area of Essex that has very low rainfall, and this factor, combined with the soil conditions and exposed nature of the site, makes it a challenging area for gardening. A visit is a good gardening education, especially if you're interested in garden or planting design. It's an excellent example of how by choosing the right plants for the right places and by working with the prevailing conditions, it is possible to create a garden of beauty.  

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