Gardening Courses Northamptonshire

If you are looking to learn more about gardening and are in the Northamptonshire, MyGardenSchool provides flexible learning through online courses which you can do anytime of year, anytime of day, wherever you're located.

More About Horticulture in Northumberland:

The Garden School was established at Coton Manor in 1994 for amateurs who want to go to one day taster gardening courses.  A programme of about thirty, full and half day, courses cover  a wide range of horticultural topics.  You will need to fit with the timetable which is studying gardening from March to September. The Garden School  'Hands on' in the potting shed.  With numbers usually limited to 30 or so, there is an emphasis on informality providing scope for questions and discussion. The courses are held in the garden room, adjacent to the Rose Garden, which is fully equipped for lectures. The garden itself offers exceptional scope for practical discussions held outside to assess differing approaches to design, planting and maintenance.  

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