Gardening Courses Shropshire

MyGardenSchool is perfect for a full range of gardening enthusiasts - ranging from complete beginners, to professional garden designers.   We are also not restricted by your location (although lucky you being in Shropshire - a fertile area for gardening!).  Nor are we restricted by working hours, or busy diaries.  MyGardenSchool has a full range of online gardening courses which are all available the first Saturday of every month, throughout the year.

Shropshire Organic Gardeners (SOGS)

We were delighted to find this group of dedicated organic gardeners  - at MyGardenSchool we're big fans of Garden Organic.  SOGS are a group of enthusiastic organic gardeners and small holders who meet once a month for talks, visits and outings - and are affiliated to Garden Organic. "Between November and April we meet at St Chad's Church Hall, Town Walls, Shrewsbury 7.30pm on the first Wednesday of the month, for a talk related to organic gardening, followed by tea and biscuits. In the Summer months (it lasts from May to October in Shropshire - honest!) we go usually on a Sunday to members gardens and small holdings. The group has a library of organic gardening related books for members to borrow."  

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