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If you are looking for gardening courses in Warwickshire, MyGardenSchool probably has something of interest for you.  We are a horticultural centre of excellence on the web.  Here you will find the world's greatest gardening writers have huddled in our virtual school, to bring you gardening lessons on all manner of topics.  Please come in to find a horticulture course to suit your needs.

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Warwickshire College

Garden Design Course

What modules are covered?

  • Site Appraisal:  What have you got & what can you use or need to discard
  • Practical site surveying :  How to take useable measurements
  • Draw up your survey to scale :  How to produce an outline of the garden & main features to scale
  • Design Theory:  Principles that help to make a design work
  • Concept Plans:  Sorting out your wish list & what works where
  • Developing the design:  Making decisions
  • Completing your Garden Plan Layout:  Producing a to scale plan of your design
  • Designing with plants:  Colour, plant requirements, combinations
  • Planting plans:  Drawing to scale to enable you to order the right numbers

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