How It Works

Online Gardening Courses Wherever You Live

Welcome to MyGardenSchool, the world's first virtual gardening school. At MyGardenSchool you can take online gardening courses in all manner of horticultural topics ranging from garden design, to vegetable growing, trees to beekeeping.  The courses include four weekly pre-recorded video lectures with downloadable notes, critiqued assignments and you even get personal tuition from the world’s top tutors via your own virtual classroom.  In the virtual classroom (MyClassRoom) you can chat to your tutor and learn from other gardening enthusiasts and horticulture professionals all over the world.  All MyGardenSchool tutors have written gardening books and are generally considered to be world experts in their specialist field. The real value you get from this e-learning experience, is receiving personal tuition from gardening designers and writers that normally you wouldn't ever get access to.

This very special virtual gardening school has already attracted some of the greatest names in horticulture.  Gardening courses include several online garden design courses from John Brookes MBE, Planting Design Courses from Noel Kingsbury, Horticulture Courses from The Chelsea Flower Show's record holder for gold medals, Andy McIndoe, and a garden history course from prolific writer Toby Musgrave.  There are over 25 gardening courses available already at MyGardenSchool and we add more most months.



MyGardenSchool offers four week on-line gardening courses from some of the world's top garden writers and designers.  What you get

  • Weekly on-line video tutorials
  • Weekly gardening assignments
  • 1-2-1 personal feedback from your tutor
  • Downloadable course notes
  • Access to your own virtual classroom to ask questions and chat with your fellow classmates
  • Upload and share your homework with your tutor and fellow classmates
  • Learn from each other’s homework assignments
  • Meet like-minded people all over the world who share your love of gardening and horticulture

Video Tutorials

Every Saturday morning you'll wake to find a new video tutorial waiting for you. These can be viewed whenever and wherever you want…and as many times as you want. If you have a mobile phone* you will be able to watch and listen while on the move. Alternatively you will be able to view your tutorials via your home computer. If you are interrupted during your lecture, you can pause the video, if you miss important information or need further clarification, you can rewind, and play it again. The real benefit of MyClassRoom is that you can store your videos and revisit them at your leisure**… Even after the course has finished. Here's a sneak preview into of one of our video tutorials:



Having enrolled and logged into MyGardenSchool the MyClassRoom tag will appear on the top menu bar; this is the gateway to your virtual classroom. This is where you'll find a list of courses you've enrolled on, both past and present and it will also contain a wish list of courses you're interested in. Once enrolled on a course, your course will appear in MyClassRoom where you'll be able to meet and chat with fellow students, watch your weekly video tutorials, submit your assignments for marking and chat with your tutors.  The opportunity to have direct access to some of the world’s top horticulturists is probably the most important benefit of MyGardenSchool. Nowhere else would you be able ask direct questions and get personal answers from some of the leading lights in the gardening world and this all happens within MyClassRoom.

Transcripts & Assignments

Accompanying every lecture is a transcript of the course set out in colour, which is downloadable and yours to keep and print out.   At the end of each lecture you will also be invited to submit an assignment to be critiqued by your expert tutor. Each week after your lecture, you can download your student notes and complete your assignment for that week. The assignment varies depending on the type of gardening course, but mainly comprises of a horticulture or garden design project based on that week's tutorial.  You will receive both a critique from your tutor, and your assignment is open for comment and feedback from your classmates.  You submit your assignment to MyClassRoom so your tutor can give you personal feedback and you can also view your fellow student's work and comment and encourage each other.  We find that people learn better this way, by sharing and openly commenting on all contributions to the course.

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