Gift Cards

Not sure what to buy? Leave it up to your friends and family with a Learning with Experts gift card.

Redeeming a gift card?

Choose your design

Choose amount

Choose delivery option

What you will receive

You will receive the gift card in a PDF format. You then have the option of printing and folding into a gift card size.
  • Fold the sheet in half lengthwise
  • Fold in half again
  • You're done!

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I purchase a course as a gift?

    Add the course you want to give to your basket and click “This is a gift” at the check-out. You’ll be able to add the recipient’s details, a short message and the date you want the email to be sent to them. Alternatively choose to have it sent to you and you can print it out or forward on the gift in your own time!

  • What will the gift recipient receive?

    The lucky gift recipient will receive an email with the gift voucher on and your message. There will be instructions on how to redeem their gift card and start their course. They just need to enter the gift card code in our website:, sign up and their course will be ready for them to start!

  • When does the gift email get sent to the recipient?

    You can choose the date when the email will be sent to the recipient, or alternatively choose to have it sent to you and you can forward it on when you’re ready!

  • I’ve been sent a Learning with Experts gift - what do I do now?

    First redeem your gift card:, you’ll then be prompted to create a Learning with Experts account (so you can login to access your new course), your course will be waiting for you under the “My Courses” button. (And don’t forget to tell the person who gave you the gift what you’ve learnt!)

  • I forgot to tick “This is a gift” at checkout

    Don’t worry, we’re here to help - just send us a message through the chat icon or via and we’ll convert your course into a gift!

  • How long does the recipient have to redeem their gift card or join the course?

    They have 1 year from the date they receive the gift card to redeem the card, once it’s redeemed they can start their course at any time.

Awards & Accreditations

  • Royal Horticultural Society - Approved Centre 2023-2024
  • Royal Horticultural Society
  • CPD Accredited (provider 50276)
  • Digital Education Awards 2023 Winner for Digital Health and Wellbeing Learning Product of the Year
  • Digital Education Awards 2023 Winner for Adult Home Learning Product of the Year