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Travel Photography: 10 Tips to Improve Your Holiday Photos

Travel Photography: 10 Tips to Improve Your Holiday Photos

Travel Photography

Everyone takes a camera with them on holiday, whether it’s a top of the range DSLR, or a phone camera.  And it’s lovely to keep these holiday photos afterwards, as memories for yourself, as well as to show to other people.

But often the photos aren’t everything we’d hoped for.  So how can we easily improve our travel photography .  Here are a few thoughts.

1. Do a little bit of research in advance to see what buildings or places are most photographed in your destination.

2. Look at postcards when you arrive, as these can often give you ideas of locations and viewpoints.

3. Try to take your photos early or late in the day, when the light will be lower and more interesting than it is at midday.

Travel Photography

4. Before you press the button, check all round the edges of the frame to make sure you haven’t included anything unsightly – a rubbish bin, a brightly coloured road sign etc. – that you could easily exclude by slightly recomposing.

5. As well as taking wider views, zoom in tight for detail shots – fruit in the market, carving on a wooden door – these little cameos can really add interest to your set of holiday pics.

6. Look for unusual viewpoints – this may be just as simple as kneeling down for a lower angle, or including an interesting detail in the foreground of your photo.

7. If you’re photographing on the beach, take extra care to protect your camera from sand and salt (see my earlier blog about beach photography on 18 June).

8. Don’t forget the local people as well as the places.  Smile and ask permission first, and you may get some fabulous portrait photography.

Elderly person from Indian Fishing Village. Covalam Tamil Nadu

9. And remember the people you’re on holiday with too!  Try for some un-posed photographs when they’re relaxing and having fun, rather than too many formal, posed shots.

10. Consider making a photography book of your holiday afterwards.  Many companies such as Blurb offer these, and it can be a great way to display your holiday pics.

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