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MyPhotoSchool launches new online composition photography course with award winning photographer and author, Tony Worobiec

London, UK, Jan 28th, 2014. a rapidly growing online only photography school, today launches acclaimed photographer Tony Worobiec’s first online photography course on composition.  This is Worobiec’s second course with MyPhotoSchool, building on the success of his first online photography course:  Low Light Photography.   The course is bookable now for the first four week online course starting on Saturday Feb 1st and Saturday March 1st.  This online composition course is aimed at enthusiastic amateurs through to professional photographers who want to gain personal tuition from an exceptional professional photographer.

Duncan Heather, Founder of MyPhotoSchool explains: “In this course, we will aim to cover many of the recognized guidelines relating to composition, starting with the much heralded rules of thirds, while also considering how psychology plays its part. Composition is important and no matter how technically perfect you are, without it your image will lack clarity.”

Tutor Worobiec states:  “Composition” means putting elements together, and while photographers do not enjoy the same freedom to construct the image in the same way as a painter or a graphic designer, cohesion is still needed if images are to have meaning. When composing, our aim is to direct the viewer’s eye to the parts of the image we consider important. We are also orchestrating the visual elements. The more familiar we are with these, the easier it is to compose. By understanding the psychological effects of line, shape, tone, colour, texture, scale and proportion we are able to construct our images with purpose and clarity. “

The MyPhotoSchool online photography course on composition starts on the first Saturday of every month and costs £145.  All MyPhotoSchool courses provide a brand new online learning environment for photography enthusiasts and hobbyists where students view video lectures, attend a virtual classroom, have weekly critiqued assignments and get access to downloadable notes.

Worobiec explains “I want to help inspire people to take incredible photographs, wherever you are in the world.”  Inspired by the figurative artist Edward Hopper and the American photographer Joel Meyerowitz, Worobiec famously documented the declining icons of small town America in his book Ghosts in the Wilderness.  This ambitious publication was warmly reviewed by The Guardian and The Independent newspapers in the UK, The Washington Post and the German magazine Stern.  Tony shares his some of his experiences and photographs from the book throughout his new online course, as well as many images from his latest book – released this year:  The Complete Guide to Photographic Composition.  He states:   “I’m excited to be teaching online, as I can encourage and inspire other enthusiasts across the world.”

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Each week the students on the online photography course for composition will cover a different topic:

Lesson 1. A Conventional View of Composition.  Composition is partly “cultural” and partly “psychological”; what I mean by cultural are those rules that are often discussed and reinforced in photographic magazines and form a common grounding for new-comers to photography. Many of these conventions have been drawn from a traditional understanding of the rules governing painting and have simply been appropriated for photography. They form a simple and useful set of guidelines that can be followed by most photographers. By understanding these basic rules, it is hoped that all photographers can apply them in most situations.

Lesson 2. Understanding the Visual Elements. To better understand composition, it does help to think in terms of the visual elements. By identifying line, tone, texture, pattern, rhythm, scale and perspective, the photographer is better able to use this to direct the viewer’s eye in a very purposeful way. You may have noticed that one very important visual element is missing, notably, colour; this is because colour has a universal emotive effect which is better discussed when considering the psychology of composition. This lesson will encourage the student to analyse the image from the point of view of the visual elements and help them to construct their photographs more purposefully.

Lesson 3. Psychology and the importance of intuition.  Something that is not always recognized, that is we are all capable of composing  intuitively. Supported by the Gestalt theorists of the early 20th century, many now believe that we all have an innate capacity to design and that this should serve as the basis when composing. The rules outlined in “A Conventional View of Photography” work well with simpler, more-clear cut situations, but are difficult to apply when we are presented with more challenging scenarios. By understanding, or just being aware of the psychology under-pinning composition, photographers are prepared to consider more complex compositions. Essentially, if it looks right then it is right.

Lesson 4. Achieving Style  through Composition.  It is very easy to see the rules governing photography in isolation from the other visual arts, but they all share the same common language. By looking at examples of the visual arts that exist outside one’s comfort zone, we are able to acquire new and exciting compositional strategies; these could be from areas of photography that are new to you, graphic design, painting or even tattoo art. By applying the same rules time after time, our photographs will appear predictable or boring. Try visiting an art gallery from time to time and see what new lessons can be learnt.

About Tony Worobiec

Tony Worobiec studied Fine Art at The University of Newcastle upon Tyne and spent 18 years as head of a large design faculty in Dorset. He has won awards for photography in the UK and internationally. He is a founder member and past chairman of the prestigious Arena group of photographers. Tony regularly writes articles for photographic magazines both here in the UK and America. He is the author of 14 books, principally on night or travel photography, the latest which "The Complete Guide to Photographic Composition" has just been published. His books are sold all over the world. Tony is currently working on a new project where he is attempting to photograph the entire British coast at night.


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