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Seizing the Photographic Moment!

Seizing the Photographic Moment!

It’s very easy to put off going out to take photos.  So often there’s something else that needs doing or seems more urgent – admin to catch up on, emails to reply to, the million and one little things that fill up our days.prunus accolade

The week before last was one of those weeks for me with a long to-do list, and a deadline to do them as I was going to be away from home the following week.

But I also knew that lots of cherry blossom was starting to appear, and wouldn’t last long…. I had a look at the five day weather forecast and saw that Wednesday had pretty good conditions forecast for flower photography – in particular, a wind strength of only 2 mph.

With something as delicate as cherry blossom, a wind of more than about 8 mph can be extremely frustrating!

So the decision had to be made – to catch up on the to-do list, or to take a morning out and go to the RHS garden at Wisley to photograph blossom.

Actually, it wasn’t much of a battle to decide on the blossom.  And it did indeed turn out to be a lovely still morning.

The sun was a little stronger than I would have liked, so I used a reflector to push some light back into the shadowed side of the flowers.

I was very happy that I’d decided to go after all, and somehow the admin all got done as well.

And now I’m even more glad that I did make the trip – I’ve come back from my week away to wind, rain, and the certainty that the blossom I photographed is now just a pile of damp petals on the ground!

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