You're going to ❤️ our new online classroom

By Daniel Rosewarne

We're always striving to create the best place to learn online by connecting our students with experienced tutors and providing collaborative ways to learn together.

We're constantly learning ourselves, gathering feedback from tutors and students and using what we find out to update our classroom so that it's even easier to collaborate, share and learn. This week we've launched the latest iteration of our classroom which includes a number of enhancements that make learning with us even better than ever.

Classmates, at the heart of your experience

We strongly believe that you can love learning when you get to share the experience with like minded classmates and a tutor you can trust. Bringing our students simple and beautiful online learning is our mission.

To make this happen it's important that within our classroom you get a sense of how your classmates are getting on, that we make it simple to give and receive help and encouragement either privately with a classmate or tutor, or between the whole class and that it's seamless to share your work and get feedback from your classmates.

Easy to see how everyone is getting on

We've updated the class chat room to include what your classmates and tutor are doing, as well as what they're saying so that everyone gets a better idea of how each other is getting on.

Someone new join the class? You'll see that pop up, assignment been submitted or marked? Everyone can pitch in and share their feedback.

Want to start a discussion, your messages appear right there too, along with any files you might want to share.

The all new Classroom Activity shows everything that's going on in a handy timeline.

Better on the eye and better on your phone

We've added a lick of paint to the classroom to make it a nicer place to be. However, it's not just redecoration, we've made everything easier to find and understand. Your list of lessons show your progress and how long you have left, watching videos is now more reliable with simpler controls and preparing assignments has got simpler too.

In addition, we've made sure that the classroom works just as brilliantly whether you're on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Just as it should be.

One to one chatting, the way it should be

When you're in the classroom, you can now pick a classmate or your tutor to start a chat with. You can chat, share files and your conversations will always be exactly where you left them.

When outside of the classroom, you can see all of the conversations you've ever had in Messages, so you can always find your way back to the best chats.

Join our community

Did you know we now have a vibrant community where you can ask your most pressing questions and get an answer from like-minded people from over 55 countries around the world? Not only that, but our expert tutors pop in from time to time, so you never know quite who might answer your question!

We think you're going to love learning with us, and as always, we want to hear what you think. You can contact us at any time at

Daniel Rosewarne

I'm Chief Technology Officer at Learning with Experts. It's my responsibility to make sure our tutors and students have a great time using our online classroom and that everything works just as it should.

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