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Gym lightening


Gym lightening

by 2 years ago

I'm taking volleyball pic in a gym with no natural light.   Don't want to bump up ISO too high. But bony know what else to do

2 years ago
hi depending on the size of the gym, you could try bounce flash if you have a proper flashgun. It would be tricky with just the built in flashgun on your camera however, so you would need a 'speed light'. It helps if you can bounce off a pale or white coloured wall or ceiling, to avoid colour casts, and keep the flash output down to avoid a strongly 'flashed' foreground but a dark background. Why are you so worried about ISO? On modern SLRs and mirrorless cameras you can usually go up to at least 3200 without noise being too much a problem and you can combine it with flash to ensure you have as much detail in the background as possible. Or try using higher ISOs without flash but you might find autofocus struggles a bit in lower light. Remember, higher ISOs also give you higher shutter speeds, which is essential for sport/action photography.
2 years ago
It will also be a big help help if you use a lens with a wide maximum aperture, eg f/2.8, to let in as much ambient light as possible

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