Q). How Do I sign up for a MyPhotoSchool online course

A) Go to the course page you are interested in e.g. http://www.my-photo-school.com/course/flower-photography/ 1)      Click on the Book Now button and choose which start date you want. 2)      Now click the words Buy Now ( you will need to log-in if you haven’t already done so) 3)      If you have a discount code, use it here! 4)      Then click the Continue Button 5)      Check the details are correct then click Buy Now 6)      Click on which credit card picture you want to use 7)      Then fill in your name and address and click Make Payment  

Q). What size images should i be uploading?

For the Monthly Photo Competition 1MB and for the Classroom Assignments 3Mb For further information on how to do this see http://www.my-photo-school.com/2013/01/04/how-to-prepare-your-images-for-the-web/  

Q). What's the difference between the different camera skill levels?

A). We have 3 camera skill levels i)   Anyone ii)  Intermediate iii) Advanced ANYONE:  Anyone means anyone; at whatever camera skill level you are at.   It assumes no previous camera knowledge as it will either cover this on the course, or the technical side of the subject is not important and its more about tips and technique rather than how to use a camera. INTERMEDIATE:  Suitable for people who want to take there photography to the next level.  They either want to move away from the auto modes into the Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority modes or they are already experimenting on a regular basis with these, but want to push themselves  further. ADVANCED: This is a camera skill level where people are comfortable with their camera and understand how to control Depth of Field, and who regularly use TV or AV modes  

Q). What's the difference bewtween the different categories?

A). There are 4 subject categories i)    Hobbyist ii)   Specialist iii)  Digital Darkroom iv)  Pro Photo HOBBYIST: These courses refer to general photographic subjects, such as Composition, Camera Technique, Exposure, Light and Colour. SPECIALIST: Specific subject categories such as Travel, Nature, People,  Macro and Wildlife DIGITAL DARKROOM: Refer to any course that involves softwarel manipulation such as Photoshop, Lightroom, HDR and Black & White photography courses. PRO PHOTO: Refers to course that involve making a living from photography such as Stock, Wedding, Architecture, Portraiture and Event Photography.  These courses may require specialist equipment beyond that of a camera and tripod (i.e. studio flash lights, models etc.) Please check under the REQUIREMENTS section on the course page before booking.  

Q). Can I ask my tutor specific questions?

A). Yes! One of the big advantages of these courses is you have access to some of the leading experts in their field.  you can ask as many questions on what ever photographic subject you like.  It may take your tutors a few days to answer but this is a unique opportunity to chat and get feed back from photographers you would never normally have access too.  

Q). Do I get Feed Back On My Work

A). Yes each week you will be set an assignment based on that weeks lesson.  You will be asked to upload a maximum of 3 shots from that shoot and your tutor will give you critical feed back on your work.  

Q). Will I be Able to See Other Student work and feedback?

A). Yes providing other students are taking the class at the same time, you will also be able to see their work, comment on it yourself and also see the tutors feed back.

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