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Photography in Bucks If you live in Buckinghamshire there is a camera club within the county you can join if you are prepared to travel.  Alternatively you could take a look at doing at online photography course with MyPhotoSchool –in fact both founders went to school in Buckinghamshire and took some of their first photos in the local area!  Duncan Heather and Elspeth Briscoe are originally from the Marlow area, so have spent some time studying how to capture the beauty of the river Thames, the famous Marlow and Henley Regattas and Marlow Bridge.  Since then they have studied work of, and are helping to educate photographers from as far and wide as the US to Australia. Valencia-lake-reflection.jpg Most importantly though, regardless of whether you are interested in architectural photography classes or not, you will find something for all standards of photographer at MyPhotoSchool - and wherever you live.   Expert tutors at MyPhotoSchool, are specialists in all sorts of different types of photography and come from all over the world.  They will give you online tuition in the form of video lectures and teach you the specific areas of photography from the comfort of your own home.  You will get your own work critiqued by some of the best names in the photographic world – ranging from Former Royal Photographic Society President, Heather Angel, to prolific photography author, Michael Freeman.

Camera Clubs and Photographic Organisations in Bucks


Bucks Camera Club Cover:
  • Composition, the rules of composition and how to break them!
  • Exposure, Aperture, Depth of field- how they work together to affect the image you get
  • ISO, white balance how to use your camera as a light meter.
  • Flash, when to use it, how to use it, different effects it can give
  • Cameras and lenses, auto focus, zoom and macro
Bucks Camera Club say:  Photography is like “Painting with light”, technology can compensate for many things but as yet, it can't compose a great picture for you or show you how to best use light you have.  Yes, sometimes you can fix the picture on the computer, or, you can learn how much easier it is to get it right in the view finder and enjoy spending the time you would have spent fixing it, taking more pictures!

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