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Michael King


Michael King is a Senior at Kew Gardens botanist, designer and author. For the past twenty years Michael has lived in the Netherlands where he, writes, designs and gardens. Flowering perennials, ornamental grasses and tulips are now Michael’s specialities having written many books on these subjects as well as numerous gardening articles on subjects as diverse as annual flowers, garden design and the life and work of other professional garden designers for many international garden magazines. His first two books, written jointly with Piet Oudolf, revealed how to use ornamental grasses and other perennials in naturalistic gardens, a popular trend in Continental Europe. For more information about Michael see his web blog at www.perennialmeadows.com

Courses taught by Michael King

Perennial Meadow Gardening

Bring the principles of the open countryside to your home

Michael King

Gardening with Grasses

Take your designs to a higher level with ornamental grasses

Michael King

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