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Julia Anna Gospodarou


Architect with a Master degree and multi-awarded internationally black and white fine art photographer (en)Visionographer, with high distinctions in the most important photography competitions worldwide (SWPA, IPA, PX3, IFPA, BW Spider Awards, ND Awards - 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prizes and other distinctions), Julia lives in Athens and is mostly known for her black and white long exposure architectural photography, which shows her signature style and expresses her artistic sensibility. In her architectural career she has worked at some of the most important projects and constructions realized in Greece over the past years, conducting projects and working next to famous names of Greek and world architecture like RTKL London or Santiago Calatrava. Author of the best selling book FROM BASICS TO FINE ART - Black and White Photography - Architecture and Beyond http://bit.ly/basicstofineart written with co-author Joel Tjintjelaar, the book is considered by many critics one of the best book on black and white photography of the past decades,. Prestigious black and white photographer and instructor George DeWolfe says about the book From Basics to Fine Art: I consider Julia's (en)Visionography and Photography Drawing the most important innovation in B&W photography since the invention of the Zone System. (...) Outside of Ansel Adams Basic Photo Series, From Basic to Fine Art: Black and White Photography – Architecture and Beyond, by Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou, is the best book on black and white photography written in the last 40 years. Julia has created a theoretical background to define her photography and fine art photography in general, of which the term (en)Visionography™ - www.envisionography.com , is the keystone. (en)Visionography is a new name for photography that aims to define photography in the digital era in a better way than the traditional name “photography” and it has behind it a theory saying that fine art photography is mainly the product of the vision of the artist and it is not so much subject or camera dependent. This theory reflects also in her personal creative and processing method Photography Drawing (PhD™), method based on how light interacts with volumes and how this can be translated in an image by using the principles of classical drawing in black pencil, applied to black and white photography. Julia always loved sharing her knowledge with others; this is why she creates fine art photography tutorials (vision, processing etc.), teaches photography workshops worldwide, for groups or private and mentors students online. In addition, Julia provides consultancy for other workshop organizers. Her professional activities include working on commissioned photography projects. To book one of Julia's workshops or mentoring programs, or to work with her on commissioned projects, please visit for details the page Workshops & Services. Julia is a member of the prestigious Image Masters gallery by DxO, a Featured Artist for Formatt-Hitech and writer-contributor to Topaz Labs and other photography knowledge programs, being endorsed by some of the leading photography related companies, in the field of gear, software or fine art publishing, among which Formatt-Hitech, Topaz Labs, DxO, SmugMug, Camerapixo, Stark Magazine etc. Published internationally in numerous books and magazines, Julia's photographic work can also be seen online in the most important photography galleries. For more information on Julia's photography and services you can consult her website: http://www.juliaannagospodarou.com/

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From Basics to Fine Art - Finding your Vision and Personal Style

Julia Anna Gospodarou

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