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"Structure is the most important component in a successful planting; colour is important too but it is a secondary consideration" Piet Oudolf (b.1944). looked at landscape gardening as a career alternative to his family business of catering. Piet Oudolf is the most influential garden designer of the past 25 years. An internationally-renowned landscape designer from the Netherlands he is a leading figure of the ‘New Perennial’ or ‘New Wave Planting’ movement, using bold blocks of perennials and grasses to create Prairie style designs. Piet and his wife first opened a nursery in Hummelo, the Netherlands back in the 1980s, and his planting style emerged with strong block-type groupings based on structure and texture as much as colour. As his design style progressed he has focussed on the perennial meadow, mimicking nature in his planting style.

Courses taught by Piet Oudolf & Noel Kingsbury

Perennial Management, The Piet Oudolf Way

Piet Oudolf & Noel Kingsbury

Planting the Piet Oudolf Way

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Piet Oudolf & Noel Kingsbury

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