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Lisa Johns



I am Lisa, I am living off-grid in rural Bulgaria on 4 acres of mixed woodland. False acacia, oak, linden, wild plum, apple, pear, mulberry, wild cherry, cornelian cherry, hops hornbeam plus a small new orchard and the vegetable/cottage garden. I have thought and read about bees/keeping for several years including going on a weekend course when I lived in Ireland. I also went for a 1 day course here in Bulgaria, on top bar hives, came home and made a top bar hive, that is 5 years ago. life got in the way and I was very ill. Now this year I am in recovery and a hive of bees was gifted me. It was from someone doing conventional beekeeping, who laughed when I said I sat by the hive in the mornings & evenings, just watching. That was maybe 2 months ago and I have still not opened the hive. Not from fear, more from respect. However I would like to.