Learning with experts

Gery van Ingen


No Dig vegetable gardener. I have been at it for well over 10 years now. My plot has some restrictions set by the farmer but in general one can do quite a lot of experimenting. I grow annual veg and perennial ones. I have fruit trees and shrubs and part of the plot is for cut flowers and relaxing. I make my own compost. I try to live life at the plot without chemicals but get driven wild by Slugs and snails. Finding a balance is my challenge. If only Mole would stop turning my paths into a mountain range I would be pleased. Home gardening, well that is some 40 years of experience by now. I have a shade garden that resembles a very small park. I love trees and no matter how little space, they will fit in. There are year round flowers due to shrubs and there is always green. Geranium macrorrhizum e.g. sees to that and the Holly and Ivy too. Green is my favourite garden colour. But the subdued greens of Winter shine as hard as the bright and optimistic Spring and Summer ones. Fall of course brings a colour hardly anything can beat. Yes I garden in zone 6, lucky old me.