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Sergio Girardi


Although I had no previous background in gardening nor long-time passion for plants, I have felt that the best way for me to be at same time creative and grounded was to become a gardener and garden designer. In 2015 I have finished a two years dual formation (practical and theoretical) in landscaping. It did not give me enough knowledge of plants, therefore as to 2015/2016 I am improving my skills and knowledge by working with some plantsmen whom I admire. The passion appeared and I am now sure that I have chosen the right path. Most probably on 2017 I will start studying Landscape Design, almost certainly in New Zealand, where I also hope to find a good landscaping company where I can improve my skills. For now I am not interested in many courses here, as I first have to see what I will learn in the Design School. But I have chosen Noel Kingsbury because I like the aesthetic and ideology and plant selection of him and of the movement he's part of.