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River Cottage Reunited

Discover all the recipes from our latest TV series and get inspired with exciting projects such as natural beekeeping, fermenting original drinks, and growing your own veg.

Wild swimming to Catching a swarm (via Rhubarb ceviche & Carrot cornbread)

We’re taking a look at the health of our rivers and meeting Citizen Scientists to clean our waters so they’re safe for wild swimming. I create the perfect post-swim picnic to enjoy after our bracing dip and offer ideas on how you can get involved. I also join fellow chefs Harriet Mansell and Michael Caines in a vegan gravy cookoff, where I pick up some new ideas on how to build flavours in the absence of meat. As the weather warms up and the nectar starts to flow, our new rocket hive is ready to welcome a wild bee colony. Then, the River Cottage team of chefs head out for a day fishing where we spy white-beaked dolphins and make the most of our modest catch of pouting, a sustainable fish worth trying. We have some brilliant recipes to tempt you.
RECIPE Hugh's carrot cornbreadRECIPE Hugh's carrot cornbread
RECIPEHugh's carrot cornbread
RECIPE Store cupboard soupRECIPE Store cupboard soup
RECIPEStore cupboard soup
PROJECT Help clean our riversPROJECT Help clean our rivers
PROJECTHelp clean our rivers
PROJECT Wild swimmingPROJECT Wild swimming
PROJECTWild swimming
PROJECT How to entice a swarm of bees into your hivePROJECT How to entice a swarm of bees into your hive
PROJECTHow to entice a swarm of bees into your hive
RECIPE Vegan gravyRECIPE Vegan gravy
RECIPEVegan gravy
PROJECT Fish for your supperPROJECT Fish for your supper
PROJECTFish for your supper
RECIPE Hugh’s ceviche with rhubarb and radishesRECIPE Hugh’s ceviche with rhubarb and radishes
RECIPEHugh’s ceviche with rhubarb and radishes
RECIPE Steven’s fish brothRECIPE Steven’s fish broth
RECIPESteven’s fish broth
RECIPE Jeannine’s crunchy crumbled fish filletsRECIPE Jeannine’s crunchy crumbled fish fillets
RECIPEJeannine’s crunchy crumbled fish fillets
RECIPE Gelf’s eggy tartare sauceRECIPE Gelf’s eggy tartare sauce
RECIPEGelf’s eggy tartare sauce
COLLECTION OF 12 ONLINE COURSES The River Cottage Cooking DiplomaCOLLECTION OF 12 ONLINE COURSES The River Cottage Cooking Diploma
COLLECTION OF 12 ONLINE COURSESThe River Cottage Cooking DiplomaTaught by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the River Cottage team