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Recipe from episode 4

Strawberry kombucha ice lollies (and a quirky veg scrap variation for our pigs)

Ice lollies are a great, treaty way to pack more fruit into your diet and these ones, featuring our Kombucha (a fermented tea), have the added benefits of the gut-friendly bacteria. If you can’t get your hands on our Strawberry cream soda kombucha, any flavour will do.

Makes 12-16 ice lollies

3 x 400g punnets of strawberries
2 x 275ml any good live kombucha
1 tbsp golden caster or icing sugar (or enough to just to sweeten them)

Hull the strawberries. Blend with the kombucha and sugar (using more or less to taste). Pour into ice lolly moulds and freeze 3-4 hours, or until fully solid.


Our pig ice lollies were made by blending apple scraps with chard and apple juice to make a smooth puree. Gelf then poured this mixture into ice lolly moulds and set in the freezer for 3-4 hours, or until solid. You can make this with any kitchen veg scraps and a simple juice or water, adding enough to bring the veg together into a smoothie-like puree. No need to sweeten. The perfect piggy treat on a hot day.

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On this more advanced course, you’ll learn how to transform pulses into homemade miso, local honey into mead (an ancient style of honey wine), apple scraps into apple cider vinegar, cream into cultured butter.