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Erin Marie Wallace - Antiques


Erin-Marie Wallace BFA, MA Erin Marie is an experienced arts professional with an infectious enthusiasm for clients and collections. She holds a master's degree in fine and decorative art and design from Sotheby’s Institute, London, and is a USPAP certified appraiser. She has extensive, international experience evaluating fine and decorative art for fair market or insurance values; she can teach you how to tell the difference between ‘Fine Art’ and ‘Just Art.’ After completing her master’s degree, Erin-Marie guided an international roster of clients as they acquired and developed collections of British ceramics and art pottery. She then worked as the Director of the Fine Art Program for a nationally televised auction house. In addition to presenting on-air, she was responsible for collection management, cataloging and evaluation of all fine and decorative art. Following that appointment, she was the CEO and lead auctioneer of Rare-Era, an international auction house and appraisal firm that she founded. The firm specialized in buying and selling fine and decorative art all over the world. Additionally, her cataloging expertise was consulted by auction houses and businesses (i.e. Jasper52, Lofty). She is a subject matter expert (SME) in fine art and ceramics and has managed and advised private and public collections worldwide. Presently she works for an independent, international appraisal firm assisting clients who need valuations of items for estate, donation, gift tax and insurance purposes. Her background includes first-hand knowledge of paintings, prints and drawings, ceramics and fine art mediums. Erin-Marie wants you to know that, “These experiences ensure a comprehensive knowledge of the art market and art history; I welcome you to the class and look forward to our conversations.”


Awards & Accreditations

  • Royal Horticultural Society - Approved Centre 2023-2024
  • Royal Horticultural Society
  • CPD Accredited (provider 50276)
  • Digital Education Awards 2023 Winner for Digital Health and Wellbeing Learning Product of the Year
  • Digital Education Awards 2023 Winner for Adult Home Learning Product of the Year