Bonus lesson released: The Art of Environmental Floristry

By Jemima Armfield

We are excited to announce the release of Shane Connolly's fifth lesson - 'Bonus Arrangements'.

In this lesson, Shane will take you through four additional arrangements. You will draw on what you have already learned from the previous lessons, and bring it all together in your final arrangements.

Firstly Shane will demonstrate how to create a naturalistic arrangement using foraged flowers, drawing inspiration from Pietra Dura. He will then go on to demonstrate an arrangement in an urn using chicken wire.

For the third arrangement, Shane takes you to a client’s house and demonstrates how you can choose and arrange flowers in a way which compliments the artwork of a house and the flatters the setting.

Finally, Shane will create an arrangement which draws inspiration from a wedding he did in India, and show how you can re-create a certain look and style within your own environment.

If you've already finished the course, get back in there! The final video will be waiting for you.

Jemima Armfield

Digital marketing manager, content creator and head of tutor relations, I'm here to make sure everyone is getting the support they need throughout their studies at Learning with Experts.

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