Inside chef Michel Roux Jr’s French Cooking Class

By Alex N

Michel Roux Jr is one of our best known and most popular tutors – students learn from a Michelin star chef, and see inside the famous Le Gavroche kitchen.

One of our recent cookery students, Nick, has just completed all three of Michel Roux Jr’s French Cuisine courses, and here’s what happened inside the online classes.

French Cuisine Course 1 – Lesson 1

The ultimate Omelette & Omelette Soufflé – the Roux Way

The first lesson of the first course chef Michel introduces students to Le Gavroche kitchen, and teaches them how to create a Le Gavroche classic – the Omelette Soufflé.

As Nick said:

"The soufflé was great to have a go at. Really helpful having the video to follow and plenty of elbow grease put into those whites! My twist was using a home cold smoked cheddar (I’m well in to my BBQ cooking and smoking) which was really nice. So proud of how it went - light as a cloud! Admission: I forgot to season with pepper so that was rectified on serving

My main learning (other than the technique) was... Mise en Place!!"

Michel Roux Jr replied: "mice en place is the key to success! Well done, your omelette soufflé looks great, fluffy and very crispy on top! Well done!"

As Nick is passionate about hot and cold smoking, and some of his fellow students were in touch to discuss including smoked ingredients including chickpeas and salmon.

French Cuisine Course 2 – Lesson 1

Crepes – the Roux Way

Nick was lucky enough to visit Le Gavroche after he made three types of crepes for this assignment. He chose to make savoury crepes with spinach, ham, eggs and gruyere cheese, then a crepe with king oyster mushrooms, and finally a crepe soufflé with apple and calvados.

“The crepe souffle was a real pleasure to work on. I used garden apples and lightly caramelised the slices. Some calvados in the souffle mix made a lovely combination. Only small issue was ratio of souffle to crepe - I tried to make too many so will definitely be more generous with the filling next time. We'll most definitely make these again!”

Michel was impressed with the thinness of Nick’s crepes and was looking forward to Nick visiting Le Gavroche!

French Cuisine Course 3 – Lesson 4

Choux pastry

The last lesson of the three courses is the showstopper challenge, and includes Michel Roux’s savoury choux buns and a croquembouche.

Nick celebrated finishing the course by serving some (very lucky) friends with his savoury choux buns filled with home-smoked salmon, a mushroom mix and coronation chicken. As he said: “Wow! Absolutely delicious!”

We asked Nick to sum up his experience and he said:

"I have thoroughly enjoyed completing all three of Michel’s courses – it’s been a real pleasure to attempt all the dishes and to hone my skills in the kitchen

I would have described myself as a fairly good cook before the course, but I understand the basics so much better now. As well as this, I’ve picked up so many advanced techniques and I’ve tried things I never thought I would be able to - some of the recipes in the course have become household staples

Even in my basic cooking, I’m always thinking of the guidance taught in this course and I have no doubt that I’m now a better cook than when I started

The course doesn’t just show you a series of recipes. It focusses on Michel’s passion for food, which is contagious. I’m not just a better cook – I enjoy my cooking more now as well!

The feedback that Michel gives has been very welcome. It's always fair, encouraging and constructive. I have been genuinely excited to read it and learn from the tips

I would recommend this course to anyone who has an enthusiasm for cooking that they are looking to develop further."

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