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Course Description

Miles Irving is an internationally renowned wild foods expert, public speaker and the author of ‘The Forager Handbook’ - hailed by many as ‘the forager’s bible’. He has worked with some of the world’s best chefs and restaurants. These include Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck, Rene Redzepi, Magnus Nilsson and the Hix restaurants. He has been a pioneer in the Wild Food Renaissance and has extensive knowledge of the unique flavours and stories of wild foods.

Miles’ celebrates new yet ancient flavours, rediscovering the nutritional properties of wild plants and reconnecting with the land. This vital link means we thrive, eating well and working with the wild ecology of places.

Whilst examples used in this course are in Miles’s own food web, a habitat which happens to be in the UK, the principles of this course apply to foraging all over the world. You are encouraged to share your own environments and discussion on wild foods throughout the course, wherever you’re located

Course outline

  • Foraging Near Home

    In the first lesson, Miles debunks the myth that foraging requires access to wild places. He will demonstrate the richness and diversity of edible plant life available on your doorstep. You will be introduced to the huge variety of wild food available in various habitats, including disturbed ground and managed grass areas. You will learn how to identify edible plants, how to gather them and work them into your own recipes.

  • Preparing Wild Foods, Part 1

    In this lesson Miles will demonstrate the incredible versatility of wild foods with 'The Salad of many things'. Using 46 different wild plants he has foraged, Miles will show how you can prepare each, and how they can be used in different ways to create different flavours. This lesson will cover the basic principles of cooking with wild food and how you can use your findings in simple salads, ferments, sauces and soups.

  • Preparing Wild Foods, Part 2

    Miles will demonstrate how you can incorporate wild foods into your everyday dishes, and how to prepare some of his own recipe ideas. This includes salads, pasta dishes, rich dishes, stir fries, and wild meats.

  • Health & Well-being

    Finally, Miles will talk you through the medicinal properties of plants, highlighting how they will enhance your immune system and work as preventative medicine. He will also look at the hazards involved with wild foods including poisonous plants. Finally, Miles will explain how the process of eating wild foods will help you to reduce your carbon footprint, and how participating in your local ecosystems will enhance and benefit the habitats around you.

  • Identifying Plant Characteristics

    In this lesson you will be taken back to basics, and taught how you can identify plants wherever you are in the world.

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Meet Miles Irving

Miles Irving - Food & Drink
Miles Irving, a lifelong forager who developed a taste for wild food aged six after going mushroom picking with his grandfather in Suffolk. A leading figure in the foraging movement, Mr Irving supplies more than 500 food products from around 300 plants online and to restaurants. Miles Irving, is one of the foremost professional foragers in the UK, author of The Forager Handbook, founder and director of Forager Ltd and host of the WorldWild podcast.

Miles’s interest in foraging goes back to his childhood but a chance conversation led to him turning this interest into a career. Miles was able to start supplying restaurants with foraged plants and this quickly expanded, ultimately leading to him to supplying well-known chefs and restaurants such as Jamie Oliver, Mark Hix, Heston Blumenthal and The Ivy.

His company Forager Ltd has expanded to source nearly 500 wild ingredients and Miles has grown to be one of the most respected professional foragers. Miles continues to push the boundaries of wild food and advocates the reintroduction of foraged foods into regular diets. His Foraging Manifesto is truly an innovation in this field, and a must read for aspiring chefs

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