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Course Description

Bread is one of the original and most popular courses at River Cottage HQ and in this extended, online version, our bread expert Andy Tyrell will guide you through every stage of the baking process, giving you the knowledge and confidence to bake professional-level bread at home.

You’ll learn how to make many different styles of yeast breads including the famous River Cottage Farmhouse Loaf, as well as enriched doughs for sweeter bakes.

Andy also covers international breads like baguettes, through which you’ll learn how to fold and shape the perfect long loaf. You’ll gain skills to master wetter, olive oil-enriched doughs like ciabatta and focaccia, as well as sweet, buttery treats like brioche, doughnuts, cinnamon buns and a fruity spiced tea loaf.

Andy doesn’t just teach you the recipes, he will also help you understand the science of bread making, how flour works, which flours to use and how they magically transform with the aid of yeast, water, temperature and time.

This course will equip you with the skills to become an intuitive baker which will guide you to breadmaking perfection and endless moments of baking joy for years to come.

Course outline

  • Understanding flour and making a farmhouse loaf

    In the first lesson, Andy will teach you all about flour and how to be instinctive with breadmaking.

    You’ll learn about ratios of water to flour, fresh versus fast action yeast, and baker’s percentages before learning how to make a classic staple at River Cottage: our famous Farmhouse Loaf.

  • Slow it down for more flavour

    This lesson dives into the popular subject of ‘slow rise’ loaves which are on the edge of sourdough and brilliant entry-level breads for those wanting to move into pre-fermentation.

    Andy will show you how to prove loaves over an extended amount of time as well as guiding you through the different stages of folding and shaping to give you loaves with the perfect rise.

    You'll make the Rustic Farmhouse Loaf and half baguettes with a pre-ferment.

  • Focaccia & Ciabatta

    Master these two classic Italian breads with one brilliantly versatile dough.

    Andy will show you how to incorporate olive oil into this bake and how to make both a light, airy focaccia and beautiful slipper shaped, crispy, chewy open textured Italian ciabatta. Both are joyous to make and an even a greater treat to eat.

  • Finishing with something sweet

    Enriched loaves are made by adding butter and eggs to a classic dough to give it a more cake-like texture and a luxurious richness famous in French baking.

    Andy will share his secrets for perfecting butter-rich brioche and then he’ll show you how to transform this dough into light and pillowy doughnuts and swirls of cinnamon buns.

    You’ll also get the secret recipe and step-by-step instruction to make a River Cottage favourite: our Spiced Fruit Loaf with tea-soaked fruit.

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Food & Drink classroom - how it works

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    Watch video tutorials led by expert tutors
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    Practice what you learn with inspiring assignments
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    Get assignment feedback from expert tutors
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    Collaborate and chat directly to classmates

Meet Andy Tyrrell

Andy Tyrrell - Food & Drink
Andy has a lifelong love of baking and has over time developed a particular passion for bread and sourdough. Andy began his career in London at a time when the farm to fork movement was just gaining momentum. As a young Head Chef he was inspired by the quality, flavour and variety that could be found when you started to build relationships with local producers and put a face to the food you buy. It’s a philosophy that has served him well and led him happily to River Cottage HQ in 2012 where he worked his way up to Head Chef. Leading a wide range of courses, teaching apprentice chefs and baking many loaves along the way.

Andy is committed to seasonal eating and cooking and now teaches courses around the country and online, whilst keeping locals well fed at his popular supper clubs.

His ability to combine technical knowledge and skill with good humour and achievable recipes has inspired countless people over the years to change their life through food. “It gives me the greatest pleasure to hear that someone is still making that recipe you taught them years ago or has built on it and is now teaching others”

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