Steve Williams

Charcuterie at Home

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Course Description

Artisan charcutier Steve Williams teaches you how to create charcuterie at home.

You'll start with looking at the equipment you need, before learning how to butcher a pig ready to create charcuterie.

Steve will then show you how to brine and dry cure your pork cuts. You'll learn how to choose which brine to use and you'll start creating your first charcuterie alongside Steve.

As you go through the course you'll learn how to make coppa ham, fermented sausages, and how to smoke venison and chicken.

The final lesson shows you how to use your BBQ for hot smoking your meat and how to make a cold smoker.

Course outline

  • Basic butchery

    Steve will show you how to prepare a pig for your charcuterie.

    You'll learn what equipment you'll need to make charcuterie, smoke and cure meats at home and where to source the equipment, along with Steve's recommendations for sourcing meat.

    You'll be preparing cuts of the meat ready to cure, dry and smoke in the next lessons.

  • Brining & Dry curing

    This lesson will give you an overview of brines and brining. Including how to make and store your own brine at home.

    You'll also learn the difference between brining and dry curing.

    You'll start to apply these techniques to the pork cuts you made in lesson 1.

  • Bacon & sausages

    In this lesson you'll be learning to turn your pork meat into salami and chorizo.

    You'll look at casing options, how to mince your meat and the back fat from the pork and how to create incredible fermented sausages.

    Steve will show you how to hang your meat, track the meat's weight-loss as it dries and how to know when it's ready to taste.

  • Hot & Cold smoking

    Steve will show you how to use a BBQ for hot smoking, and a cold smoker you can re-create at home.

    You'll learn a quick smoking recipe for chicken and venison.

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Meet Steve Williams

Steve Williams - Food & Drink
Steve Williams is one of the country’s most revered charcutier makers. He’s also a hunter, restaurant owner and cofounder of Good Game which he set up after meeting Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on one of the first River Cottage courses, Pig in a Day.

The course inspired Steve to make charcuterie professionally but in a different way – without nitrates and using only the best local meat.

Steve has reared his own pigs on occasion with the help of a farm on the Powderham Estate. He has been able to experiment with different native breeds and form opinions on his experiences. He also buy pigs from friends who have native breed pigs locally. Most of the game he uses is either shot himself or sourced by local Devon stalkers.

Steve's restaurant 'The Pig and Pallet' uses his meat knowledge and smoking knowledge to produce amazing BBQ food. There is an American influence but a complete ethic in using local free range and organic meats.

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