Naomi Devlin

Gluten Free Cooking

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Course Description

Led by nutritionist and gluten-free expert Naomi Devlin, this Gluten Free cookery course will give you the knowledge and skills to cook tasty gluten-free recipes.

With a combination of hands-on cookery and educational demonstrations, over the course of four lessons you will learn about gluten-free flours and healthy alternatives for food intolerances, and leave you inspired to create your own delicious gluten free dishes - from bread, pasties and other dishes at home.

*The gluten-free ingredients used during the online course include: cocoa, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, sunflower seeds, hazelnut, and chestnut. The course may not be suitable for a grain-free diet, although buckwheat and quinoa are considered pseudo grains and millet is the only true grain flour used. The course is suitable for a low FODMAP diet as long as hazelnuts or other low FODMAP nuts are used in place of sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Please let us know if you have an egg intolerance so that we can chat to you in the online classroom about this. Dairy free options are given with all recipes, although they may not be demonstrated, you will easily be able to make those substitutions yourself at home.

Course outline

  • Gluten Free Ingredients and Fermented Batters

    Starting with a comprehensive talk through the grains and binders that we useon the course and alternatives for students from around the world, Naomi will then demonstrate home milling, so you can create your own fresh flours from scratch. Of course, you can also buy flours already milled. We finish the lesson with a demonstration of a simple home ferment for easily digestible crepes, that you can have fun customising with your own gluten free grains.

  • Breads

    Bread is the holy grail of gluten free cookery and Naomi will show you how to make a seedy ryestyle loaf entirely gluten free. You’ll learn how to create a range of flavours, from dark and seedy to a lighter caraway scented loaf, perfect for scandi style open faced sandwiches. We’ll also cover chapattis and learn how to use the same technique for corn tortillas and throw together some quick but delicious potato farls.

  • Making Delicious Pastries

    In lesson two you will learn the secret to making a great gluten free shortcrust pastry. After it’s chilled Naomi will demonstrate delicious savoury pasties, blackberry galettes and a leek quiche – all of which you can adapt to create your own seasonal variations using the basic recipes.

  • Gluten Free Treats

    In this indulgent lesson we’ll cover succulent honey cake, which you can enjoy with a cup of tea, or dress up with roast fruit and cream and sunflower seed financiers, which are perfect tea time treats.

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    Get assignment feedback from expert tutors
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    Collaborate and chat directly to classmates

Meet Naomi Devlin

Naomi Devlin - Food & Drink
Nutrition expert Naomi Devlin is an unashamed foodie who was blessed with a coeliac diagnosis. After studying native diets around the world, she now believes that the key to health and happiness is to cook from scratch wherever possible. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be tasty and satisfying.

Using gluten-free wholegrains and sourdough cultures she has been teaching people about the endless possibilities and rich flavours of gluten-free grains at the River Cottage Cookery School for many years.

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  • The River Cottage Cooking Diploma

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    11 Courses • 9 Expert Tutors

    Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage HQ has long been a power-house of culinary ideology – a hub bringing together an inspiring and talented team who all share a commitment to seasonal and sustainable eating.

    "At River Cottage, we believe there are few things more important than education. And food! And so our aim is to teach and inspire you to grow, source and cook food in ways that enhance your life, increase your wellbeing and connect you more closely to the natural, sustainable and ethical sources of food.

    I believe that delicious, healthy food has never been more vital in helping us all to stay well during this global pandemic, and making those choices in a sustainable way makes the health of our planet a priority too. This opportunity to learn online in social groups provides a sense of togetherness and mutual support. It's not just a great way to learn, it's a great way to stay connected and foster a sense of shared endeavour in what could otherwise be a very isolating time in our lives."

    – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

    Who is the course for?

    Whether you want a career change, you're already working in the food or hospitality industry, or you are an enthusiastic amateur who'd like to gain a certificate, this course is suitable for all food enthusiasts.

    What you will learn

    Through this collection of 48 cookery lessons, Hugh and the team will demonstrate, teach and guide you through their specialist subjects, setting you assignments and offering feedback along the way.

    Our experts will demonstrate a range of skills including vegetable cookery, fish filleting, and shellfish preparation with a focus on ingredient provenance, sourcing and seasoning. From baking your own bread, sourdough and pastries to making your own pickles and kombucha, this course will delve deep into a wide range of useful kitchen skills. Forage for local delicacies, combine exotic spices with delicious home-grown and local ingredients, cook meat and veg in the wild with fire and go gluten free without compromising on flavour – this collection covers absolutely everything you need to know to be at the top of your cooking game.

    In order to gain the River Cottage Cooking Diploma with a signed certificate from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, you will need to complete all courses within the collection. However feel free also to pick and choose the areas that interest you if you simply want the pleasure of learning from the top chefs at River Cottage.

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