Naomi Devlin

Boosting Gut Health & Immunity

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Course Description

An introduction to the principles and practises of feeding your gut microbiome with beneficial foods on a daily basis.

This course is for all curious cooks who want to understand how to make changes in the way they shop, cook and eat to bring maximum benefits to themselves and their families. The key to great gut health is embracing diversity and on this exciting course you will discover how delicious and easy including more prebiotic foods and probiotic ferments can be.

Naomi will explain the importance of diversity in our diets, looking at delicious ways to expand the range of plant foods you eat.

She’ll also explain polyphenols, how they help to keep us vibrantly healthy, where to find them and how can you get more of these miracle workers into your meals.

Naomi will also explain prebiotics: the food our gut microbes love to eat! She’ll look at the whole range that you need for robust gut diversity.

She’ll then dive into fermented foods. Whether fermenting alarms or delights you, there is a probiotic ferment for everyone and Naomi can help you find the one that’s right for you. Once you get your sour tooth, you’ll find you crave them.

Good digestion is all about efficiently breaking your food down so you can get the most benefit from it. She’ll round the course off by looking at plant enzymes, stimulating your own digestive juices and ways to prepare food that maximise nutrient benefits without compromising on taste.

Course outline

  • Medicine foods: Probiotics and bitter things

    We’ll start by learning what the terms probiotics and the gut microbiome mean and how microbes can positively affect gut, immune and brain function.

    We’ll learn about the benefits of fermented food and make a simple kraut out of seasonal vegetables and a probiotic drink – kvass.

    Then we’ll look at why it’s important to include bitter food in our diets, how to make it palatable without losing the benefits and explore the sources of bitterness – bitter leaves, herbs, spices, coffee, tea, chocolate, citrus zest and dark greens.

  • Prebiotics and diversity: The food our gut microbes love to eat

    We’ll learn about the foods that our beneficial gut microbes love and which foods encourage less beneficial microbes that can cause ill health.

    I’ll demonstrate a simple prebiotic curry base that can be adapted for meat and veg curries.

    You'll learn how to make quick honey pickles, crushed potatoes with a garlicky dressing and a rainbow slaw.

  • Anti-inflammatories to soothe the immune system and boost cell function

    Foods rich in polyphenols are great for supporting normal cell turnover and soothing the immune system.

    We’ll find out where to look for polyphenols and how to eat more of them. I’ll demonstrate a raw carrot dressing & beetroot cream dressing

    Beneficial fats are also highly anti-inflammatory, so we’ll make dukkah and gomasio to include seeds and spices in meals and some black sesame crackers to get more gut friendly linseed and chia seed into our diets.

  • Treats for your gut and tastebuds too!

    We all crave treats, and our gut is no different! Using the sweetness of dried fruit, seeds, nuts, spices and dark chocolate, we’ll make some gut friendly bars to pop in a lunchbox or enjoy with your afternoon tea.

    Less is more – we'll look at getting more flavour and beneficial ingredients into sweet or treaty things. They should also include fibre, polyphenols and prebiotics. I will demonstrate Happy Gut Tiffin, kale crisps (with kimchi or mushroom powder) and Peanut butter crumble topping

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Meet Naomi Devlin

Naomi Devlin - Food & Drink
Nutrition expert Naomi Devlin is an unashamed foodie who was blessed with a coeliac diagnosis. After studying native diets around the world, she now believes that the key to health and happiness is to cook from scratch wherever possible. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be tasty and satisfying.

Using gluten-free wholegrains and sourdough cultures she has been teaching people about the endless possibilities and rich flavours of gluten-free grains at the River Cottage Cookery School for many years.

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