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Andy McIndoe

Gardening for Wildlife: Attract Birds, Bees & Butterflies - Create a haven for wildlife. In association with the RHS

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing, Using & Planting Trees - How to choose & plant trees and what best to grow with them

Shrubs: Making the Most of Them in Your Garden - Choosing, planting and pruning shrubs

Bulbs: Colour for Pots and Borders - How to buy and plant a beautiful spring garden

The Lawn Expert - Grow, sow and maintain your lawn

Andy McIndoe is MyGardenSchool's Chief Blogger, and teaches five courses on the site. Andy has over thirty years experience as a practical horticulturist and consultant. 

Each of Andy's courses are stacked full of invaluable information; for everyone who aspires to own the perfect lawn, trees and shrubs, to know how to create a beautiful garden that attracts birds, bees, insects and other pollinators and mammals, he covers it. Some of his courses are also partnered with the Royal Horticultural Society.

By the end of each course you will have the knowledge to grow, maintain, and nurture your garden through out a variety of different subject points. 

For a further look in to the life of our tutor Andrew, visit his Instagram page here:

Annie Guilfoyle

Designing City & Urban Gardens - Create your own personal sanctuary

Annie Guilfoyle is an award-winning garden designer with her design studio Creative Landscapes in West Sussex (UK). 

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to create their own personal sanctuary. It inspires those who want to rebuild or restructure a small backyard or just redecorate a corner to get more privacy and atmosphere and host beautiful soirées summer after summer. 

For a further look in to the life our tutor Annie, visit her Instagram page here:

Charlie Ryrie

Growing Flowers For The House: The Cutting Garden - Grow fresh flowers to fill your house all year round

This course is for gardeners wanting to grow plants for the vase for their home, or for garden gate sales. It is aimed at those with some basic gardening experience who would like to develop their skills, and for garden designers who would like to create cutting gardens for their clients. You will be given the tools to start from scratch, and ideas for transforming an existing garden into a successful cutting plot.

This course provides a taster menu of hundreds of different plants for cutting, and tells you how and where to grow them, pick them and use them. It also gives you the confidence and knowledge to try slightly more unusual blooms as well as the old favourites.

For a further look in to the life of our tutor Charlie, visit her Instagram page here:

Clive Nichols

Clive Nichols’ Flower & Plant Photography Masterclass - How to photograph flowers and plants like a pro

This is an in-depth course on flower and plant photography, led by one of the world’s finest garden photographers, Clive Nichols. Over four weekly lessons, Clive gives invaluable advice on both the practical and artistic aspects of flower and plant photography, drawn from his 25 years’ experience. 

In the course, Clive uses over 150 beautiful and striking examples of his flower and plant photographs to illustrate approaches and techniques you can use in your own work. 

This Flower and Plant Photography Masterclass is filled with detailed advice on the many ways you can create striking images of flowers and plants, given by an acknowledged expert in his field.

For a further look in to the life of our tutor Clive, visit his Instagram page here:

Harriet Rycroft

Container Gardening - Make the most of your pots on balconies, roofs or in country gardens

This course aims to help enthusiastic gardeners to look afresh at the way they use containers and give them the inspiration they need to create displays which really earn their keep within any garden, large or small, looking good for a long time and providing the cherry on top of the gardening cake.

This course will help you to use containers with confidence and to develop an adventurous and colourful palette of plants in order to bring variety and enjoyment to your garden.

For a further look in to the life of our tutor Harriet, visit her Instagram page here:

Michael Marriot 

Roses: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing, Pruning and Caring For Them - How to plan and nurture a beautiful rose garden

Michael Marriott is the world leading expert on roses and Chief Rosarian at David Austin Roses. Wherever you are in the world, Michael will help you plan and nurture a beautiful rose garden. He will help you choose the right rose for your situation, and advise on everything from pruning roses, to fragrance and colour combinations.

For a further look in to the life of our tutor Michael, visit his Instagram page here:

Paula Pryke

Contemporary Flower Arranging with Paula Pryke - Floristry Techniques and Design Ideas

Master different techniques and enhance your creativity with this practical guide to floral design from one of the world's leading authors on floristry and flower arranging.

On this 4 week course, Paula Pryke, offers her personal guidance and tuition. Learn her approach to different kinds of arrangements, how to work with props, and the secrets of creating stunning floral displays. 

For a further look in to the life of our tutor Paula, visit her Instagram page here:

Philip Chandler 

Natural Beekeeping - The theory & practical techniques for a sustainable, organic approach to cultivating bee colonies

Philip Chandler, author of 'The Barefoot Beekeeper' teaches an introduction to what has become known as 'natural beekeeping', which differs in some important respects from the conventional approach to this subject. Phil will show you how keeping bees can be much easier than some would have you believe, while costing much less than you think, especially if you can do simple woodwork yourself.

You will gain a greater understanding of the role of bees in their natural world and in the context of human agriculture. You will understand the design, construction and use of a Top Bar Hive, and have a theoretical knowledge of the lifecycle of honeybees and the ways in which we can supervise and nurture them on a small scale.

For a further look in to the life of our tutor Philip, visit his Instagram page here:

Piet Oudolf

Planting the Piet Oudolf Way - The New Perennial Movement with Piet Oudolf and Dr Noel Kingsbury

This course focuses on Piet’s design style with Dr Noel Kingsbury, (who has known and has helped interpret his work for over twenty years) who takes you on a tour of the Oudolf family garden at Hummelo, with Piet. They will discuss plants and plant combinations, before going inside to Piet's studio to look at planting plans and some pictures of the garden at Hummelo at different times of year. 

The video will be accompanied by four assignments which are aimed at encouraging viewers to go out and look at the plants that grow around them, to help them look at plants and planting “the Oudolf way”. The idea is that wherever you are in the world, nature has beautiful and long-lasting plants which are potential garden and landscape plants.

For a further look in to the life of our tutor Piet, visit his Instagram page here:

Pip Bensley 

Climbers & Clematis Expert - How to choose, prune and grow climbers

If you have desire to learn more about clematis and climbing plants this is the course for you. Perhaps you have some in the garden and want to learn how to make more of what you have? You might be planting a new garden from scratch or helping a friend or client choose climbers for their garden.

You will gain a good all-round knowledge of climbers including when and how to prune, different varieties for different situations, and an increased knowledge of both clematis and many other climbers.

For a further look in to the life of our tutor Pip, visit her Instagram page here:

Rachel Petheram

The Herb Garden - Personal advice & inspiration on herbs for cooking, cutting and maintaining health

The Scented Garden - How scent & fragrance can be best used In garden design

Dr Rachel Petheram is an artisan florist, a gardener and a teacher. Both her courses explore how plants can directly affect not only our mood but our physiology. Both herbs and scented plants can be used to good effect in our gardens. If we want somewhere to relax and de-stress or if we want to grow produce that will contribute towards a delicious tasting dinner, then there is a plant to fill the brief.

Rachel's Herb Garden course will talk you through the multifunctional nature of herbs, how to grow them and how to look after them and will suggest some familiar and perhaps unfamiliar herbs to try. 

The Scented Garden encourages you through the suggested assignments to design your own fragrant space tailored to your own requirements and to share your experience along the way.

For a further look in to the life of our tutor Rachel, visit her Instagram page here:

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