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How to Build a TreehouseTaught by David Parfitt

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Treehouses are what childhood dreams are made of. A place of safety, indepedence, mystery and most of all adventure

  • Course suitable for all abilities

  • How to plan your structure

  • How to build your platform

  • How to do beams & joists, and spanning multiple trees


Suitable For All Abilities

On this course you will be given a creative insight into how to build your own treehouse from a simple platform type to a fairy castle.   The course covers the planning, technology and simple principles needed to design a treehouse that meets your needs, along with ideas and practical skills that will enable you to build it.

You will also be shown ways to tackle most of the situations that you are likely to meet, in planning a treehouse and inventive ways of solving the problems associated with this fascinating activity.

During this course I will give you all the information that you will need to make a basic treehouse, one that will be adaptable enough for your tree to make its own, and for you to elaborate on to make a glorious treehouse.  I will also offer suggestions on creative ways of  customising your structure.  We will cover design considerations, making platforms for the three basic types of tree, materials, fastenings and safety issues.

Learning outcome: On completion of this course you will have designed you own tree house on paper and have the knowledge and expertise to construct and build it.

The Curriculum

  • 1. Choosing your space, planning your structure

    In the first week, we'll understand how to choose a suitable tree, the principles of attaching structures to trees, and ways to approach designing a treehouse, the creative process, understanding safety, how to design and beginning the construction process for building the perfect treehouse.

  • 2. Building your platform (working through a single-trunked platform example)

     Building your platform (working through a single-trunked platform example).  This time we will get more specific and begin to run through the process of constructing a treehouse starting with the platform.

  • 3. Beams & Joists, and spanning multiple trees

    Beams & Joists, and spanning multiple trees.  It's time to take care of the platforms width and add some joists.

  • 4. Making the fantasy a reality

    The superstructure, entry point, hatches and doors, the ladder, and keeping it safe.

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I'm a visual artist who specialises in site-specific sculpture and public art projects. Based in Sussex, UK, my activities include the design, production and project management of a range of forms u...read more

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