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The Herb Garden

Taught by Dr Rachel Petheram

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Course Description

Herbs are beautiful multi-functional plants that are easy to grow and have many beneficial effects on our health and the health of our gardens. They look and taste fantastic and they are an easy and cost effective way to add interest to our garden and to our diets. They are forgiving tolerant plants that can survive in the most unlikely of containers, and given the right conditions will thrive in the smallest of spaces.

They are the best plants to start off with if you are a beginner but also offer challenges for the seasoned gardener. They connect us with many traditions and cultures through millennia and offer interest to every gardener whether your interest is in food, wildlife, flower arranging, or purely ornamental growing, herbs have something to offer.

This course will talk you through the multifunctional nature of herbs, how to grow them and how to look after them and will suggest some familiar and perhaps unfamiliar herbs to try. 

Course outline

  • History of herbs

    In this lesson we discuss the role of herbs in history and the multifunctional nature of herbs. We will learn about how herbs can benefit out health, how they can increase diversity in the garden and how we can use them in the kitchen.
  • Choose the right place to grow

    In week 2 we think about where to grow herbs in the garden – whether they are in a designated herb garden or mixed into ornamental borders we need to make sure they have the right conditions to thrive. We also consider general maintenance and propagation so you can make sure that you have a healthy crop of herbs year after year.
  • Essential herbs for cooking

    Here we consider the kitchen garden essentials. If you want to grow herbs to enrich your cooking, in week 3 we consider the best culinary herbs to grow.
  • Medicinal and multipurpose herbs

    There are many other lovely herbs which may not be immediately obvious to grow for the kitchen but have other important roles to play such as attracting wildlife, medicinal properties or filling a tricky space in the garden. Here we will discuss some different herbs to try to expand your herbal repertoire!

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About Dr Rachel Petheram

One of the original grower/florists who were part of the revival of using British grown flowers in floristry.

The Independent
My name is Dr Rachel Petheram. I am an artisan florist, a gardener and a teacher.

My flower story started in 2002 when I grew some of my own wedding flowers. As a full time lecturer in animal nutrition becoming a florist was the last thing on my mind! However, one thing led to another - a bit of faffing, experimenting and flowering on the side -and then Catkin was launched in 2006. All these years later it's hard to imagine that I once had a life without flowers.

Now I grow many of my own flowers in the walled kitchen garden of Doddington Hall in Lincolnshire and am an ardent champion of British grown flowers.

I was included in the Independent newspaper's list of top 50 florists, I am a BBC Lincolnshire garden expert and I was featured in the first series of the BBC's Great British Garden Revival. I have been featured in numerous national garden and lifestyle publications such as Radio 4.

As one of the original grower/florists who were part of the revival of using British grown flowers in floristry, I use my extensive experience to run many courses on floristry and gardening at Doddington Hall, RHS Harlow Carr, Welbeck School of Artsian Food, the Chelsea Physic Garden and with MyGardenSchool.

So, whether you are looking for beautiful, seasonal wedding flowers or you are a florist looking for some inspiration or someone who is just looking for a fabulous course then it would be my privilege to contribute to your own flower story. Flowers are only half my story though. I also love herbs. Unassuming herbs are pretty fabulous I think and over the next few years, you're sure to see growing herbs increase in popularity. As a scientist, they blow me away. As a gardener I am amazed at how easy they are to grow and how multifunctional they are. As someone who loves food they taste great. They are a true example of flower power in my opinion.

I look forward to getting to know you in class.

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