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RHS Level 2: Plant Science II

Course Description

In RHS Level 2: Principles of Plant Growth and Development: Plant Science II you’ll build on the knowledge you gained in Plant Science I and look at a wider range of plant material and plant adaptations.

This course is part of the new RHS Level 2 syllabus, and is only available as part of the complete RHS Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Plant Growth and Development collection of courses.

We’ll look at how plants adapt to suit different environments – with a deeper look at adaptations in leaf types, stems, roots and flowers.

You’ll learn to identify adaptations and how these can be used by the plant or the horticulturalist.

Course outline

  • Leaf adaptations

    We’ll learn how leaves adapt to allow plants to thrive in different environments.

    You’ll look at different leaf characteristics; for example, leaf surfaces, the potential of leaves for propagation (totipotency) and advantages of adaptations for plants and horticulturalists.

  • Stem adaptations

    This lesson looks at Stem adaptations including tendrils and thorns. You’ll learn about the competitive advantages for the plant and the decorative advantages for the horticulturalist.

  • Root adaptations

    You’ll learn about how plants adapt their roots to take advantage of their environment, including for anchorage and water and nutrient uptake.

  • Flower adaptations

    We’ll look at how flowers adapt to increase plant pollination and fertilisation including the timing of flowering, the petals and pollen.

  • Seed adaptations

    In this lesson we’ll look at the impact of seed adaptations on horticulture and horticultural techniques.

    You’ll learn how seed adaptations impact plant dispersal and germination.

    We’ll cover techniques to overcome seed dormancy including washing and stratification.

  • Growth habit adaptations

    This lesson includes how to take plant growth habits into account when choosing plants for your project.

    You’ll learn how to apply and take advantage of plant growth habit adaptations to different garden environments and styles.

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Meet Dr Noel Kingsbury

Dr Noel Kingsbury - Gardening

Kingsbury's garden writing is among the best you will find in the English language.

From the blog View from Federal Twist, James R. Golden
Dr Noel Kingsbury is an acclaimed garden designer, best-selling author of numerous books and long-time collaborator of the renowned designer Piet Oudolf. With a doctorate from the University of Sheffield he is a leading figure in naturalistic planting design and the New Perennial Movement.

Noel Kingsbury is an international garden designer and writer on gardening, plant sciences and related topics. He is best known for his promotion of naturalistic planting design in gardens and designed landscapes (e.g. the 1996 publication of 'The New Perennial Garden', pub. Frances Lincoln, London), and his 25 year collaboration with Dutch garden and landscape designer Piet Oudolf on books on planting design. He writes sometimes for The Daily Telegraph, Gardens Illustrated magazine and The Garden - the membership magazine of the Royal Horticultural Society. He has worked with Prof. Nigel Dunnett, of the University of Sheffield on the first book in English on green roof and related 'green architecture' technologies. In collaboration with Tim Richardson Kingsbury has edited Vista, the Culture and Politics of Gardens and co-chairs events at the Garden Museum in London under the title 'Vista'. He has worked with several notable garden photographers, such as Marianne Majerus and Andrea Jones.

Kingsbury earned a doctorate from the University of Sheffield in 2009, for a thesis on the Long term performance of ornamental herbaceous vegetation. He continues to research in this area.

Kingsbury has also written a history of plant breeding, Hybrid, The History and Science of Plant Breeding (2009).

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